Fads. We have all fallen for one at some time or another. That is why many businesses and people are wary of tools like social media.

What if we put a lot of time and money into this idea and it turns out to be a fad?

I have a question for you: what if you looked at social media not as a fad, but as a competitive advantage?

Many people (I freely admit my own participation) have made it their mission to evangelize and convert people and organizations to social media use. I have an interesting suggestion.

Stop. Quit. Let them be.

Someone at HRevolution said it well. Stop trying to force it on people.

Use social media as a competitive advantage to blow your competitors out of the water.

Who cares if they are using it or not? Just focus on making it work for you. You can make serious money if you can leverage a social media strategy that is engaging, trustworthy, and genuine. Want to implement a strategic plan that can help to make social media a competitive advantage for your organization? Then I highly recommend you spend some time learning how to use social tools well.

Can social media be valued as a serious competitive advantage, or will it continue to be mentioned with a smirk by those who do not understand the technology and philosophy behind the Web 2.0 movement? I know my answer to that question. What’s yours?

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