How Office Design Affects Company Morale

Employees are the heart of every business, and your biggest asset. They’re the people who make sure things get done when and how they’re supposed to, managing your processes, interacting with customers and clients, and showing up day after day. While of course their main motivation is the paycheck at the end of the day, today’s employees are also looking for a satisfying work place in which they feel they play an integral part. Doing all you can to keep company morale high means securing happy employees, and satisfied employees make loyal ones. Keeping your employees feeling content and satisfied in the work place means making sure they’re comfortable, and one aspect that often takes the backseat is office design. Want workers who are proud to come in every day? Make sure their work space is conducive to that feeling with these office design tips.

Take Temperature into Consideration

You might not give it a passing thought, but the temperature in your office has a huge impact on your employees and their productivity. Too cold or too hot, and your employees are uncomfortable—an unfortunate feeling considering they’re in the office for 40 or more hours each week. There have been numerous studies done on the appropriate office temperature, and most experts have generally agreed that a range of 70 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit on the office thermostat is ideal. It all depends on your employees, however. While you can’t appease everyone, take measures to ensure individuals are as comfortable as possible. That might mean investing in space heaters for those employees who seem to be consistently cold, or purchasing small portable fans from for the offices of employees who tend to feel overheated.

The Open Floor Plan Debate

Many companies have made the switch to an open floor plan, following in the footsteps of technology giants like Google and Amazon. However, recent reports have found that the open floor plan wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The way your office is laid out has a surprising effect on how people feel, and therefore, perform. Open floor plans can leave employees susceptible to higher levels of distraction, and even though it can improve collaboration in certain cases, it can also hamper an individual’s ability to get their own work done. Offering several collaborative spaces alongside private work areas is the best route to take, as it gives employees the places they need depending on the day and task at hand.

Allow for Personalization

Your employees come from a variety of backgrounds and have lives beyond the four walls of their office space. Make sure that’s reflected in their work areas by allowing personalization. Outfit the office with sleek décor from a store like Touch of Modern for a cohesive look, then allow your employees to add simple touches of flair here and there. It might mean a colorful art print from Society6 for the lunchroom picked out by your employees, or it could be a tapestry of calming nature scenes in the foyer to welcome guests. Giving your office personality means making it a more exciting and fulfilling place to spend the many hours American professionals put in these days.   

Lighten up the Office

You’ve likely heard that people living in far North climates need sun lamps to ensure they get the right amount of sunlight every day. While it’s not as drastic in an office setting, this anecdote proves how important it is for your employees to encounter the right amount of sun exposure during the day. If your office has windows, get rid of heavy treatments and pull up the blinds to let sunlight stream in. Natural light is crucial to positivity, and if your office doesn’t have much access to direct sunlight, you’ll need to take steps to imitate it with artificial sources. Make sure every part of the office is well lit, and offer different levels of lighting to achieve an overall brighter look.

If you’re looking for ways to boost company morale, take a look at your office layout. Making any of the abovementioned changes to your office could see your employees living happier, more productive lives in the work place, so consider what will work to your company aims.

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