How To Prepare For Your Business Trip To Europe

Thousands of people travel all over for the world, for business purposes, every single day. While many may find it a pleasure there is bound to be some people who hate it. If you are one of the many travelling across Europe this year on business, here are some top tips to make your travels as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Passport & Tickets

Book your travel tickets well in advance, especially during busy seasons and make sure your passport is valid for at least six months. Also remember to apply for your EHIC renewal ahead of time, once you have it you will be entitled to free or reduced cost healthcare should you fall ill during your stay in the continent.


The chances are you’re only away for a couple of days so make sure you pack as light as possible. After all, if you make it too heavy you’re the one who’ll suffer when you have to drag it around all day. Limit yourself to the essentials like underwear, socks and a maximum of two business suits. Then you can have a few different shirts to slightly alter your look each day and a pair of casual shows that will fit any outfit you wear. Then you may want some casual clothes and trainers to wear for any free time you have to see the sights.


As a travelling business person, you’d probably be lost without your mobile, laptop or tablets as they are your communication lines with your clients and colleagues. Make sure you’ve got a European adaptor to fit the socket for charging all of your devices, as your standard British one will not be compatible. You may choose to bring a travel iron as some hotels don’t provide them for guests as well as a compact hair dryer or an electric razor for a quick shave.

Extra Tips

A pocket translation book could be your best friend, unless you are already fluent in the language, as it is always polite to know a few key phrases. You can also use the calculator app on your phone to quickly and efficiently work out the currency exchange rates. Although you can usually request a pillow on a plane journey, you may want to bring a sleeping mask and earplugs so you can get some quality rest on the flight, especially if you have to step off the plane and go straight to a meeting. The emergency number in Europe is 999 as well.

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