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Carnival of HR: What it is and why you need it

Carnival of HR Every two weeks there is a meeting of the minds. There is an event that occurs that, while relatively unknown, has long-term implications for the profession that I love. It affects the HR community, and it often draws a crowd of participants and spectators from around the globe. It’s the HR Carnival.

What it is

Your brain

The Carnival of HR is a free collection of stories and articles by some of the brightest minds in HR thought leadership. Every two weeks you can find it at a different website. All you have to do is stop in, read anything that interests you, and share it with someone else who might enjoy it.

The most recent edition focused on the SHRM conference and what attendees did or didn’t learn (see the Post-SHRM Breakdown article here). The whole process is powered solely by volunteers who want to help others to learn and grow. I wrote a post months ago about the HR blog carnival and how to make a difference. It’s a great addendum to this post.

My first ever Carnival of HR was last year, and the title was a fun idea I had to get a little attention. Check out 25 Pieces of HR Awesomeness if you’d like to see an example of a Carnival.

Why you need it

Your brain on HR

Most people (including those in the esteemed profession of human resources) stop learning and growing once they get into a job they are comfortable with. That’s not a jab or a complaint, it’s just a fact.

A big goal of mine is helping people love what they do. When you are constantly learning and growing, you enjoy what you do so much more. So give the Carnival of HR a shot. Anything that has a name that festive has to be pretty great, right? :-)

Bonus challenge

Okay, I might have convinced you to check out the carnival by now. If so, that’s fantastic! If not, I’ll ask you this-do you like helping people, sharing neat stuff, and/or building your own credibility? I’m betting that everyone wants to say, “Yes” to that question.

Doing things as small as sharing resources can help others to see you as a credible expert. I’ve shared interesting articles with my own boss that eventually filtered through to other VP’s in the company; those VP’s then stopped by to chat about some of the debatable points in those articles. In the future, if a problem comes up relating to the topic of those conversations we had, then I’m going to be remembered as a solid resource. All that just from sharing a few articles a handful of times.

Going even further

If you ever get wild and crazy and would like to not only read and share the items in the Carnival of HR, but maybe even write something to be added to the Carnival, feel free to contact me about it. I’d love to help.

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#SHRM10 Social Media Panel Thoughts (Video)

I’m working with the Monster Street Team to cover the SHRM annual conference. Click here for the whole story.

I had a chance to sit in on the SHRM10 social media panel featuring Curtis Midkiff, Mike Vandervort, Bryan Wempen, and Laurie Ruettimann. It was interesting that they stuck it in an early morning time slot in a private area instead of keeping it more public for people to participate and learn from the panel.

(Subscribers may have to click through to view.)

An Open Letter to HR on Policies, Regulating, and Training

AKA An open letter to HR professionals who think it’s a good idea to regulate the snot out of everything

Dear fellow HR professionals,

Hey! So, I’m not sure if you know much about me, but I’m a different kind of HR guy. I like being open and honest and treating people like… Well, people. Our employees aren’t children (and if they are, that’s a whole other issue!), so why do we treat them that way?

This ain’t my first rodeo

I talked about this before in a video. I attended a supervisor training where we spent two whole days listening to people whose favorite phrases were don’t do this and don’t do that. I can understand setting those minimum standards, but I don’t understand why there’s no attempt to reach higher. Why aren’t we giving our people lessons on coaching and leadership in addition to the rest of that stuff?

Think about it Continue reading

That Social Media Thing

AKA Living in the Social Stone Age

So, when I heard that there was going to be a Carnival of HR on social media use, I was pumped. Not because I had any results to share, but because my current company is on the far opposite end from fluent usage (i.e. Stone Age) and I need some tips to make it happen. So I’ve written this post to tell what we could do if social stuff ever got the approval it needs.

Life in the Social Stone Age

We don’t use social media. We have no plans to. Although I inject a bit it where I can (sharing blog posts, creating short videos, etc.), it can’t take root on this rocky ground. People keep trying to treat it like it’s a passing fad instead of a huge competitive advantage in the social sphere.

Here’s a snippet from a post by Chris Ferdinandi that says it all.

How would you react if someone said to you, “I don\’t use that email thing.”? Would you hire them for an HR job?

Thirty years ago, the internet was just a fad. Only it wasn\’t. Continue reading

Steve Browne-Only the Lonely

Today we have a guest post from Steve Browne, an HR pro who I’ve recently come into contact with and have already developed a respect for. I recently joined his HR Net group, and after you hear what he has to say, you might want to do the same. Hit him up in the comments if you’d like to know more about the group. In this post, he’s sharing his thoughts on HR’s isolation and how we need to be getting out there. Enjoy!

Human Resources is one of the most fulfilling, challenging, uplifting and… lonely professions. You see, almost any position within a company has a place they can go to and vent (HR) or complain about employees (HR) or grouse about Senior Management (HR). Where can HR go?

Often it’s to a bar. I mean really! Since we are the bartenders (with no copyright infringement to Sharlyn Lauby) in our own organizations listening to every story of woe and sense of frustration from our employees about other employees, we’re just missing the long wooden bar and the stools. (That would be a cool office for HR though!)

People are tough. However, that’s why most great HR professionals are in HR! They truly are “people” people. So, where can they go?

The great voices in HR that are flooding the waves of Social Media forums such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter are sending out great messages… But, more often than not, it’s to each other and their great thoughts never reach practitioners.

Why? Continue reading

HRCI-Social Media Makeover

Okay, HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute), it’s time for a social media makeover! I alluded to this post when I was talking about everything else going on in my world recently. I am doing my best not to be mean-spirited or rude, because that doesn’t help anyone do anything better. Everything I say today should be taken with a smile. :-) (<–Like that!)

HRCI on Twitter

Near the end of last year, I realized that HRCI was on Twitter. Being a lover of HR certification, I was thrilled to see them there. I had a few back-and-forth chats with Alexis, and we shared a few tips and ideas back and forth. Fun was had by all. Although they were using their URL in every. single. tweet. I was still inclined to give ’em a break.

Flash forward to the past few weeks. They’ve been doing work on their website. How did I know that? Well, they’ve tweeted over a dozen times in a three day period about what you can do on their website. Okay, so they’re sharing. That’s something, I suppose. Continue reading

#HRevolution 2010 in the Books

steve boese lance haun hrevolution coffeeIt was an amazing night at the Monster Social HRevolution event, and Saturday was no different. My sincere hope for this weekend was that everyone would finish the day saying, “I would gladly do this all over again.” With the feedback I’ve heard so far from our attendees, that’s been the case for the most part.

I’ve already seen half a dozen posts on the event from various people, and I know more will be coming soon. Don’t forget that I’ll be handling the HR Blog Carnival on May 19th, so get me a link to your post by the 17th if you want to participate! I’d love for it to be the most comprehensive collection of HRevolution material that’s available anywhere.

How to stay in touch now that it’s over: Continue reading