#HRevolution 2010 in the Books

steve boese lance haun hrevolution coffeeIt was an amazing night at the Monster Social HRevolution event, and Saturday was no different. My sincere hope for this weekend was that everyone would finish the day saying, “I would gladly do this all over again.” With the feedback I’ve heard so far from our attendees, that’s been the case for the most part.

I’ve already seen half a dozen posts on the event from various people, and I know more will be coming soon. Don’t forget that I’ll be handling the HR Blog Carnival on May 19th, so get me a link to your post by the 17th if you want to participate! I’d love for it to be the most comprehensive collection of HRevolution material that’s available anywhere.

How to stay in touch now that it’s over:

These are important

But these are better

  • Email
  • Phone (hit me sometime-256.778.1236)
  • Face to face

Even after all of the benefits that I’ve gathered through social media, when someone in the audience said that the telephone was still the best tool for connecting with others, I had to agree. Take things farther than a simple tweet or Facebook connection. Reach out and deepen your bonds with your fellow professionals. We could all benefit from standing close to someone smarter than us. :-)

I will be posting more thoughts and incorporating ideas I gathered from the event as the weeks progress. And while I can share all the ideas I’d like to, without actually being there and experiencing it for yourself, you just can’t get the complete feel for the event.

If you have photos or video from the event, hit me up. I’d love to share them with the world!

5 thoughts on “#HRevolution 2010 in the Books

  1. Stephen Geraghty-Harrison

    Great job Ben. Looking forward to reading the Carnival of HR. Had a blast and learned quite a bit. I second the reminder to connect via phone, email and in person – those are the mediums most forget about. Also, does the “hit me sometime” only refer to the Phone or to your face as well? :P

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  3. Ben Post author

    Steve, I think we both know that photo was doctored. ;-)

    Stephen, only if I can hit you back, Mr. Air Bear. :-) You have some great memories to take back to FL with you!

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