That Social Media Thing

AKA Living in the Social Stone Age

So, when I heard that there was going to be a Carnival of HR on social media use, I was pumped. Not because I had any results to share, but because my current company is on the far opposite end from fluent usage (i.e. Stone Age) and I need some tips to make it happen. So I’ve written this post to tell what we could do if social stuff ever got the approval it needs.

Life in the Social Stone Age

We don’t use social media. We have no plans to. Although I inject a bit it where I can (sharing blog posts, creating short videos, etc.), it can’t take root on this rocky ground. People keep trying to treat it like it’s a passing fad instead of a huge competitive advantage in the social sphere.

Here’s a snippet from a post by Chris Ferdinandi that says it all.

How would you react if someone said to you, “I don\’t use that email thing.”? Would you hire them for an HR job?

Thirty years ago, the internet was just a fad. Only it wasn\’t.

Twenty years ago, email was just a fad. Only it wasn\’t.

Today, social media is just a fad. Only it isn\’t.

If you don\’t use “that social media thing,” you need to. Not knowing how is going to be the same as not using email in five years.

I’ve heard this phrase more times than I can count: I don’t have time for that social media “thing.” I heard someone recently say that instead of saying you don’t have time for something, instead say, “This thing is not a priority for me.” You have time to watch TV. That’s a priority for you. You make time in your busy day to sit in front of a box.

Make time for that social media “thing.”

If I could wave my magic wand, my organization would…

  • Communicate more and through avenues our employees can take advantage of (SMS, Twitter, blogs, etc.).
  • Use Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to garner support from our community (we’re a nonprofit).
  • Create some videos of our stars to let them shine (and maybe even rub off on their coworkers :-)).
  • Encourage some of our people to blog (internally and externally).
  • Strengthen our culture and then share it with the world.

And that’s just in the first month. There’s also Twitter, other internal microblogging platforms, social recruiting, alumni groups, building internal communities, and more…

But it doesn’t happen when you sit on the sidelines.

Social media. It’s not magic. It’s hard work. But it pays off in ways traditional media never could.

Anyone else living in the Social Stone Age?

3 thoughts on “That Social Media Thing

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  2. Robin Schooling

    Excellent points Ben. That “thing” is here and those people/companies/entities that don’t understand it will become dinosaurs. And be as obsolete as the occasional person I still run into who doesn’t have an email address. (Yes. They do exist. At all socio-economic levels)

  3. Ben Post author

    *sigh* Yes, they do, Robin. I’m on the fence as to whether I need to keep pushing people to learn it or if I need to just let them learn the hard way how valuable it can be.

    Only time will tell, eh? :-)

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