If you are hosting an event or webinar, you need to get high-quality speakers that understand your audience. Too often I have seen speakers who “phone it in,” giving a generic presentation that doesn’t align with the audience or its needs. Not only must speakers know who they are talking to–they need to know that what they are advising is practical, not theory-based concepts with no realistic chance of success.

smart stage

Presenting from the Smart Stage at SHRM Annual Conference & Expo

Over the years I have spoken at dozens of events, workshops, webinars, SHRM chapter meetings, conferences, virtual summits, and more. As a speaker with hands-on HR experience, I can speak directly to your audience about their needs and the needs of the business in a way that includes actionable steps to achieve their goals. In addition to my experience as an HR leader, I have worked as an HR research analyst, helping me to back up my commentary with data, facts, and case studies.

Below are some of the topics I have spoken on in the past (not an exhaustive list):

  • Workshop: Hacking HR (this is delivered as a pre-conference workshop, concurrent session, or in other methods–highly flexible and a crowd favorite)
  • How to Select HR Vendors and Technology Partners (Strategic/Business Credit)
  • Find Them, Hire Them: How to Improve Your Recruiting and Selection Practices
  • Millennials: Busting the Myths Around My Generation
  • Employee Retention: 20+ Ideas to Improve Your Results
  • Workshop: Recruiting and Retention (this is a 3-hour workshop session, complete with an interactive case study to help drive the points home for the audience)
  • Workshop: Culture vs Strategy (this is a 3-hour workshop session, complete with an interactive case study to help drive the points home for the audience)

If you are interested in talking about a speaking opportunity, please reach out to me at ben@upstarthr.com for pricing and availability. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Attendee Comments

  • “This was one of the best sessions our chapter has ever had. I really learned a lot and can't wait to go back and try some of these ideas at work.”
  • “Ben has really helped to prepare me to not just be an HR leader at work, but to be a true business leader at work. Developing an HR strategy truly helped to get my boss to take me seriously.”
  • “I was able to find new candidates I never knew even existed after I heard your recruiting presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.”
  • “My favorite part of the culture session was the stories. I learn best when I can connect to something other than charts and facts. That really helped to make it real to me.”

Host Testimonials

  • “Ben was very professional and our chapter members truly enjoyed his session. One of our best speakers this year.”
  • “My Programs VP recommended Ben after hearing him speak at another event. Wow! I am so glad she did. He did a great job and covered the topic very well.”
  • “We usually don't pay for speakers, but Ben was worth it. He even took the time to learn about our sponsor so he could work in a mention of them into his presentation. That's more value for us, the sponsor, and our attendees right there. Definitely worth every penny.”