If you’re looking for the newest HR Blog Carnival post, you might like to check the home page for the event. But make sure you read this post so you know how to make the most of this fun and informative event!

I can still fondly remember reading my first HR blog carnival and ravenously devouring each of the great posts linked there. I often speak with HR professionals and advocate for them to seek out and read the HR blogs that they enjoy. Usually the conversation goes like this:

Me: Hey, what sort of news do you read on a daily/weekly basis that keeps you up-to-date on the HR world?

Random HR Guy/Gal: I\’m usually too busy.

Me: What if you could get one or two short and sweet (and free) articles a week via email? I could recommend a few.

RHRG/G: Hmmm. Sounds interesting.

Me: Do you have a favorite topic? Training? Development? Leadership?

RHRG/G: (Delivering a beautiful pitch across the plate) Well, I like reading about leadership. I\’m the HR director at my organization and it\’s hard to find new and interesting ideas on how to lead and inspire my department.

Me: (Swinging for the fence) Excellent! Well, in that case, I recommend that you sign up for the free news feed for both Wally Bock and Dan McCarthy. Your leadership style will never be the same!

What\’s the point?

In my next post, I\’m bringing the HR blog carnival to you from right here at UpstartHR. I challenge you to find someone in your department or organization who could make use of the great articles there. Find your favorite, print it out, and leave it in a common area. (Heck, print mine and stick it on the toilet. People need to read there, too!) Sharing with these people who are “outside the bubble” is the only way to make a lasting change.

That\’s how I got Allen Robinson into this thing, and you can do the same at your workplace.

I already know I\’m going to get a visit from each person who submitted a post. They want to see their names in print. I do the same thing when my name is included. But why not direct someone else here? Your boss, coworker, or subordinate could probably stand to take a look as well. My work may not be intelligent enough to read on a daily basis (think “HR zombies”), but the others in the HR blog carnival are definitely worth a look.

Sure, you can ignore the challenge and keep on rolling along, but you\’d be surprised to see what reaching out to people can do. Take five minutes to explain how you have benefited from your own reading and research, because it\’s very easy to sell an idea when you have your own positive experience to share.

Remember, I\’ll see you back here next time with the latest HR blog carnival!

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