Learning in the Age of AI with JD Dillon

“My refrigerator broke one day and I didn’t call a repair person. I didn’t go to refrigerator repair school. I went to YouTube, found a person who had a similar problem, followed along, fixed the problem, moved on. And then we go to work and suddenly you can’t do that anymore.”

JD Dillon, Chief Learning Officer, Axonify

We’re Only Human – Episode 172

In this episode, Ben talks with JD Dillon, a learning leader and advocate for frontline workers and the use of technology to support learning outcomes. In the conversation, they discuss the concept of the modern learning ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of enabling frontline workers and exploring the evolution of learning technology and its impact, particularly for frontline employees. The conversation focuses on the practical application of technology to improve work experiences, including personalized learning, language barriers, and the promise of AI. Three takeaways for listeners include:

1. The evolving role of learning technology in supporting frontline workers.

2. The potential for technology to address challenges such as language barriers and accessibility.

3. The importance of rethinking the work experience and leveraging technology to enable personalized, equitable, and effective learning and development.

Show Notes