Benefits Broker Turned HR Leader: How to Take Control of Employee Benefits

“I would be remiss to tell our employees ‘you have the power to question your doctors’ if I didn’t tell HR people ‘you have the power to question your consultants and brokers’ the exact same way.”

Melissa Cassidy, Human Resources Leader, Valpak

We’re Only Human — Episode 171

In this podcast episode, host Ben Eubanks engages in a conversation with Melissa Cassidy, focusing on the topics of benefits, HR, and employee wellness. They discuss Melissa’s background and her experience in the field. Melissa shares the challenges she faced when implementing a new benefit plan and the importance of gathering employee feedback. Moreover, they dig into the strategies they used to educate and support employees in terms of benefits and financial literacy. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Gathering employee feedback is crucial: Melissa emphasizes the significance of listening to employees and their needs when it comes to benefits. Conducting surveys and actively seeking input from employees can help shape effective benefit strategies.
  2. Tailor education and communication: Melissa highlights the importance of delivering benefit information in a way that meets the needs of the diverse employee population. Using various communication channels, such as in-person meetings, virtual visits, and recorded presentations, allows employees to access information at their convenience.
  3. Holistic approach to employee wellness: In addition to focusing on health benefits, Melissa’s organization prioritizes mental and financial well-being. Providing access to financial advisors and mental health resources demonstrates a commitment to the overall well-being of employees beyond just health insurance coverage.

Show Notes