Measuring Productivity in the Modern Workplace: Prodoscore on We’re Only Human

“We can’t forget about being human.”

Tom Moran, Chief Strategy Officer, Prodoscore


We’re Only Human — Episode 102


When workers gathered to work on assembly lines, productivity was easy: you counted the widgets produced per hour. In the modern workplace, it’s a much harder proposition. How do you know when knowledge workers are really accomplishing what they need to be? 

In today’s discussion, Ben dives into those questions and more with Tom Moran of Prodoscore. Prodoscore is a productivity intelligence tool designed to help companies understand how the workforce gets things done, who may need help, and where opportunities exist for smarter business practices. 

Tom shares how Prodoscore helps customers measure individual worker productivity, how the data can serve as a performance coaching tool, and more. 


See Prodoscore’s ethical pledge:


How to Identify High-Potential Employees?

High-potential employees are crucial to the company’s future success. But here’s the problem: many businesses suffer from a high strain identifying, developing, and keeping high-potential employees (HIPOs) within their teams. It makes them difficult to thrive, especially today, where both physical and online markets have a neck-to-neck competition. 

Harvard Business describes high potential talents as people who outshine their colleagues in many different situations and settings both in a momentous and dependable manner. In fact, studies revealed that organizations consider HIPOs about 50% more valuable than other workforces – with over 20% output scales and 90% extra effort to attain business goals. 

High Performing vs. High Potential – Are There Differences?  Continue reading

2021: A Personal Update and a Look Ahead

If you follow the blog closely you have noticed that I’ve gone a bit quiet in recent months other than episodes of the podcast coming out. I can pull out the reasons/excuses if you like:

  • Work has been intense (partly due to the madness of navigating a pandemic) and frankly, balancing ever-present kids and work has been mentally tiring. On the plus side, I’m getting quality time with family that I might never get again, so it’s a worthy trade off long term. :-)
  • We’ve had deaths of close friends and connections, and that accumulation over the last 12 months has pulled at my soul.
  • I finally rehabbed my knee tendon issue (was off of running from January to October). But I got overexcited with returning to running (my favorite stress buster), putting too much stress on my foot and prolonging my recovery.

I took a bit of time off around the holidays (even had a new year’s eve dance/glow dance party with the kids) to take a much needed pause.

dance party

Taking off a bit of time has been helpful to rejuvenate and refresh my thinking and ensure that the coming year includes the things that you’ve come to expect from this blog: fresh perspectives, practical advice, and maybe even a bit of entertainment in the form of audience questions.

I’d love to hear from you–what do you want to see more of here?

  • Practical advice?
  • More questions answered?
  • Inspiration and encouragement?
  • How-to’s?

I’ve been running this blog for over 10 years now and while I have some ideas on things to cover this year, I’d love to hit the things you care about, the things that inspire you, and the things that make you a better person and HR pro. If you like the reader questions, I’ll publish more of them! If you prefer more inspirational pieces to encourage you, we can do that, too. I’d just love to know, really.

A few things on my radar for 2021

Super secret project: I’m on the verge of finalizing a new tool that helps you to see how your work style fits into HR, whether you are leading a team, looking for a job, or just trying to find out what role is best for you within the HR spectrum. SO excited about this one. It’s going to be incredible. Hoping to announce/release it within the month!

HR Summer School: I am already in early talks to bring back a version of the immensely popular HR Summer School for 2021 with a new set of voices and perspectives on things that matter to each of you.

Learning Reimagined: If you focus on learning and/or talent development, you should check out Learning Reimagined. It’s going to be incredible and unlike any virtual event you’ve seen so far (and better than many in-person events, too). I’m partnering on this one but so excited to see if come to life.

Speaking/Events: As of now, there are one or two events that are scheduled in physical locations, but they may still be pushed back as did everything in 2020, depending on vaccines and other developments. Much more likely that I’ll continue the trend of virtual events, both speaking and organizing, alongside the team at HR Tech Roundtable as I have in 2020.

Podcast/Livestream: I’m continuing with the podcast and the new weekly video livestream show on LinkedIn and YouTube (check out HR Tech Talks if you haven’t already seen it), but I’m always up for ideas for content if you have anything you would like to see me cover on the shows!

Local/volunteering: I’m incredibly thankful for an opportunity to support my local HR chapter as a mentor this year in our Mentor University program. I was a participant on the receiving end over 10 years ago in the first program, and I always said I’d pay it forward if someone gave me the opportunity. I’ve been paired with a wonderful HR pro that shifted from a career in technology, and I can’t wait to learn from her as well as help her with her professional growth.

Bottom line: it’s going to be an insightful and invigorating 2021, and I’d love to have you play a part in that. Tell me what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

Mediocrity, Clarity, and Personal Brand with Carla Patton on We’re Only Human

“We allow business leaders to dictate things based on who they like, who they golfed with the last weekend, and things like that when it should be: ‘Who is doing the work and who is a benefit to our work environment and our culture?'” Carla Patton, HR Executive

We’re Only Human — Episode 101

One of the challenges in the last year is that the pandemic showed the cracks in the relationships created by poor leadership. In an office environment, there are enough opportunities to smooth over mediocrity from a leadership perspective, but when things are virtual, those kinds of behaviors like favoritism or simply being inept become magnified.

In this episode, Carla Patton encourages us to stop accepting mediocrity from our leaders and hold them to a higher standard. It’s not just about business results–it’s about the kind of environment they create for their team and whether that environment encourages performance or hinders it.


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HRM: How Can a College Student Benefit from Studying It?

Have you ever heard about the abbreviation “HRM”? If you know what it stands for, probably, you are somehow interested in business and gaining a relevant degree. The abbreviation refers to human resource management, and it is one of the core business activities. 

It is about hiring and training company staff, providing orientation (supervising), developing the professional skills of your employees, rewarding them with wages and other benefits, such as social packages. Also, this process involves inspiring the employees to perform better, ensuring their safety, and supporting good relationships within the organization. 

As you can see, there are plenty of activities involved in this phenomenon. It is critical that the company cares about its staff by labor regulations and laws of the country of residence and obeys the orders of the concerned High/Supreme Court. Continue reading

Top Challenges To Solve Before Transitioning to a Remote Workplace

Many companies are redesigning their workplaces so that employees can work from home most or all of the time. Not only does this method alleviate health concerns, but it also saves time, cuts down on office expenses, and reduces employee commutes. If you’re thinking about having your employees work remotely for the long term, figure out solutions to these challenges.

Remote Communication

When you’re at work, it’s easy to ask employees a question or give instructions; you just visit their offices or cubicles and have a conversation. When you’re working remotely, though, communicating with employees always takes more time. Thankfully, there are many technological solutions available. You just have to take the time to investigate their features properly so you receive the most benefits. Continue reading

How Paypal Maps and Creates Employee Journeys on We’re Only Human

“We map the employee journey and experiences that an employee has. We do things where we can really hear, learn, and better understand the employee sentiment, directly from employees. We have feedback mechanisms built in that allow us to continually evolve, and we really look at that feedback that we get on our experiences as a gift. We welcome it. We want to hear ‘what did we do’ and ‘how did it land’ and ‘how can we make it better?'”

Adella Bell, PayPal


We’re Only Human — Episode 100


Today, one of the most challenging pieces of supporting employees is understanding their unique journeys, identifying their needs at each step, and designing experiences that meet those needs. At PayPal, there is a clear approach that leads to better outcomes, and it hinges on employee-focused design. From how feedback is gathered to how journeys are mapped and more, every piece of this is centered on the employees and what they need. 

In today’s discussion, Ben talks with Ramesh Murugan and Adella Bell from PayPal’s HR team to explore how PayPal designs an employee experience that is scalable and high touch, including key insights into how the HR team identifies what the workforce needs through comprehensive voice of the employee efforts. 


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