We’re Only Human 51: IBM #Think2019 with Special Guest Madeline Laurano

Last week Ben and his closest 40,000 friends visited San Francisco for the 2019 IBM Think Conference. The event, despite the rainy weather, was a smashing success. HR Track sessions were standing room only and the customer panels, featuring world leading firms such as UnitedHealth Group and AECOM, were fantastic. 

In this episode, Ben is joined by Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research to talk about the event and some of the key takeaways from the event. Additionally, Madeline digs into some of her new research on quality of hire and how to measure it. 

IBM announced some major partnerships last week, but one of them is a new partnership with Skillsoft to bring the best of content and IBM’s talent frameworks together. The announcement link below shares insights into how this is working for Sprint and some of the other pertinent details. 

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

7 Reasons to Hire an Executive Search Firm

business-3152586_960_720One of the best ways of ensuring you have the best professionals working for you is by hiring an executive search firm. The firm provides top-notch talent by making a detailed inquiry into all potential candidates that would work for you. However, that’s not the only function of search companies.

Usually, the organizations also act as an intermediary between a company and executive. In this manner, they help to negotiate deals between the two parties. They also make it easier for executives to move from one company to another.

With the growth of the digital sector, there is an increased need for highly skilled professionals who are both competent in several areas including business planning and governance. So, recruiting companies are more likely to hire executive firms to assist in this intricate process of finding the right executive.

So, why should you consider hiring an executive search firm? Here are 7 reasons why you should have an executive hiring firm in your company.

1. Save time and money

Before hiring an employee, you generally have to go through CVs. This can take a lot of time. Companies usually scan-read a lot of CVs when hiring. This can make you miss many important details. This can be disastrous, especially if you want to hire an executive for a top position.

Search firms make sure they make a detailed analysis of each executive. However, if you want to save yourself a lot of time or don’t know how to craft your resume, you can find a cheap essay writing service for such needs. Finding highly talented employees saves you money because you will have increased productivity.

2. HR may not understand the role

Sometimes, your internal team may not understand the full responsibilities that a certain executive has to perform. This then makes it difficult for them to hire the appropriate person. The internal team will not be able to:

  • Define the needed parameters,
  • Recruit skilled professionals,
  • Make correct decisions.

Search firms, on the other hand, have the knowledge needed when hiring for a specific position. So, you are more likely to get the right person than when you hire on your own.

3. The position is new

Hiring a person for a new position can be challenging. This is largely due to the fact that there is no benchmark that you can use as a reference. In such situations, you will need a skilled firm that knows all the necessary requirements for the new role in your company. The same applies when you want to change a position that might not have been successful.

4. Maintain relationships with partners and competitors

When you hire through a third party, you avoid potential conflicts that may arise between you and your competitors. The truth is that all companies want the best executives working for them, so this can mean having to fight for an executive who is very skilled. Doing so can cause a rift between you and other companies which may put you at an advantage. Search firms are impartial and discrete making the hiring process less complicated.

5. Access to highly skilled executives

If you are having a hard time finding the right person for a position in your company, then it’s time to consider hiring a search firm. Most search firms have many contacts across various industries. This makes it easier for them to find an executive who would fulfill the responsibilities of the vacancy in your company. Not only do they have a lot of contacts but high quality is also guaranteed.

6. The need for long-term employees

When you want to hire someone to work for you, you not only want the person to have the required skills. You want the person to be a long-term employee, especially if the person is highly skilled and sort after by others companies. One of the ways to tell if a search company is successful is by looking at the success of employees. Another criterion is the longevity of employees.

So, making sure you have long-term employees is a priority of search companies. Executive hiring firms have the ability to recognize candidates that will help you to achieve success.

7. When discretion is not an option

There are times when you might need to find a replacement for a position in your company. You want to do so with full discretion, especially when the position you want to be filled is still occupied by another person. Secrecy gives you the ability to control the hiring process. The best way to ensure discretion is through a search company.

In conclusion, poor employee choices can lead to reduced turnover which can be disastrous for your company. To avoid running into such problems, it’s best to use hiring companies that are specialized to find you highly skilled executives. In doing so, you will be securing a bright future for your company.






disrupthr hsv

#DisruptHR HSV 2.0 is Coming April 2019

TL;DR version: DisruptHR HSV is coming back to Huntsville! See links below for details. Early bird tickets available through March 31st.


It all started with an event. A real, no-kidding live event. Back in 2009 I had just started blogging, and a friend and I set up a mini conference as a way to get people together, expand relationships, and learn together. Little did I know how far my career and life would come in ten short years. The point is that live events create special bonds and connections. They offer chances to learn and grow, sure, but they also create a space where likeminded people can connect with each other, support each other, and learn from each other. Every time one of those connections happens, I like to think that the profession that I know and love gets just a little bit better and brighter.

Fast forward to August 2018. Kristina Minyard, a different friend of 10+ years, cohosted an event with me in Huntsville, Alabama, called DisruptHR HSV. DisruptHR events happen all around the globe, and we wanted to bring the innovation to our own local community. We’ve done this in many ways—we both speak locally, we both volunteer with our local HR chapter, and we are both avid advocates for better HR practices. But we wanted to take it a step further with a dedicated event.

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I hoped that we would sell 75 tickets and have a fun night to remember, but I didn’t know if we would do it again. It’s expensive. It’s a lot of work.

Then it happened. And I was totally blown away.

We sold out of tickets several times, were moved to the biggest space in the event facility, and eventually topped out at around 150 people in attendance.

The speakers for this event really made it, though. Some of them were experts, some of them were newbies, but all of them got up there and delivered five minutes of thought-provoking content to help the audience think differently about themselves, their work, and their lives.

We had a handful of amazing sponsors to help us cover the costs, and we are forever thankful for their support.
disrupthr shirts
Why the reminiscing? Well, because the event was such a success, Kristina and I have decided to host DisruptHR HSV 2.0 on Thursday, April 18th, 2019. Tickets are on sale here, and because our shirts were so popular we are selling shirts at cost with your ticket purchase to help spread the message. Speaker submissions are open for a little while longer. Sponsors should reach out to me about our new packages to reach this influential audience–we have increased the branding and reach from last year to help our sponsor partners have even more value.

We even had attendees come from Atlanta and Birmingham last year, because this event is one that you can’t find just anywhere else.

I hope to see you in April. Early bird tickets are available for a little while longer. Get them while you can!


We’re Only Human 50: Hitting a Milestone (Plus Special Guests)

Welcome to our 50th episode! In today’s show Ben takes a different approach with a solo show to catch up on some happenings at Lighthouse Research, some of the key activities coming up on the research agenda, and some personal reflections now that the book is out in the market. Listen in to hear from a handful of special guests that are very “close” to the show.

This is a lighthearted discussion to celebrate 50 episodes and to highlight fun topics coming down the line in the coming months. Check it out and be sure to subscribe and share with your HR friends!

We’re Only Human 49: New Research On Diversity and Inclusion Technology

Talking about D&I is nothing new for HR leaders, but what are you actually doing to measure and improve your firm’s approach? For some time the need was there to help people see why diversity mattered, but now the conversation has shifted to how to improve results. 

In today’s discussion, Ben talks with Stacia Garr of Red Thread Research and Carole Jackson of Mercer to explore the duo’s latest research on diversity and inclusion technology in hiring, development, analytics, and more. 

If your firm is thinking about D&I from a practical standpoint, today’s discussion is for you. 

Learn more about the report and the research by visiting: http://info.mercer.com/dandItech

Most Efficient Study Materials to Pass CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam

If you want to begin your career in the IT sector, having CompTIA A+ certification would be very beneficial. This certification encourages the students to take up the exam and helps to ensure that a proper job is assigned to them. However, not only students but various IT professionals and normal people take up CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam to get better jobs as well. Most of the recruiters in the IT field look forward to assign the job to certified professionals. Also, the logo of CompTIA A+ certification can be a great boost to your resume.

What is the benefit of passing CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam?

CompTIA A+ is a vendor-neutral certification that can help you get a job in any of the companies around the world. If you have an associate or bachelor degree, you can consider adding CompTIA A+ certification too to host up your resume. You should be properly equipped with the whole degree since it can help you a lot in enhancing the exams and passing the test. CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam covers the basic level of the IT sector which can prove to be fruitful to continue the exam for the further levels.

Why is it necessary to have a vendor-neutral certification?

When you clear CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam, you ensure that you have the basic knowledge of various technologies. This ensures that you can enter the IT sector efficiently. The exam will help you to be effectively equipped with the modern technology which comprises of both, computer and mobile hardware and networks. You can control the functioning of email and be well aware of the security, networking and more. The exam enables you to understand the IT infrastructure from its base level.

Also, your experience is sure to grow once you get a job. Giving the exam will not only improve your experience but also enhance your productivity. Various companies want their employees to be well equipped with the functioning of the networking and security so that they can meet the requirements of the evolving IT sector. Getting a vendor-neutral certification is necessary but the initial step to get the certification is to pass the 220-901 exam. The importance of these certifications and exams are recognized worldwide, and thus you can get a job in the IT sector with proper experience.

What is the objective of giving CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam?

When you appear for, you should be well-equipped with the objective of the exam. This will ease the process. During the course of the exam, you will have to learn about optimizing, configuring, repairing, upgrading, troubleshooting, and installation of the various computer and digital devices as well as the operating systems. You will need to:

  • Perform the installation, configuration and troubleshooting display devices
  • Management of the system component
  • Identification of network technology
  • Supporting the various digital mobile devices
  • Supporting the multifunctionality of the devices
  • Management of data storage
  • Management of storage components
  • Enhancing security and network fundamentals
  • Recognize the functioning of hardware of digital device and computer

Apart from the above mentioned, it also offers a range of services. The official website of CompTIA offers a list of objectives and things you will need to go through during your course. These objectives are sure to enhance your experience and ease the process of learning. By these objectives, you will know what you are learning, and thus, you will be able to make a schedule and prepare accordingly.

How long does A+ certification last?

The certification for CompTIA A+ usually is valid for three years from the date of your exam. You can use the exam to enhance your education program and then extend the certification for more three years. The exam is of 900 marks, and for passing, you will have to score 700. CompTIA keeps on updating its program to improve the experience of the person to appear for the exam. The last update of the exam was made in 2015, so there are chances that it will be updated once again in 2018 or 2019. To earn CompTIA A+ Practice Test – 220-901 , you will need to go through a series of exams.

What are the resources for passing CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam?

There is a list of resources you will need to ace your CompTIA A+ 220-901. You should choose from the wide range of study materials and books online. If you have joined an online tutor, you can get hold of these study materials efficiently. You should make sure to make proper use of the books and prepare for the exam. Some of the books that can help you to get through CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam include:

  • CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide: Exams 220-901 and 220-902 3rd Edition by Toby Skandier, Emmett Dulaney and Quentin Doctor
  • CompTIA A+ Practice Tests: Exams 220-901 and 220-902 by Quentin Doctor

However, apart from the books, you should also prefer using the online study materials that can help you get through the exams.

Some of the prominent features of 220-901 exam include:

  • Enhances the quality of the 220-901 braindumps that are beneficial for cracking the exams.
  • The questions related to the 220-901 exams are updated on a regular basis
  • The study materials are mostly designed by the experts and IT professionals.


CompTIA has played an important role in shaping the future of many. The books and study materials for CompTIA A+ exam have been so developed that it can ensure you get the best marks for the exam and ace it. All the PDF study materials have been proving to be very beneficial. If you are purchasing these study materials from any website, you should make sure to check the reliability of the website.

Reasons To Choose Career In Marketing

marketingBeing a student or just trying to become one you have to ask yourself the right questions. Perhaps, the most vital is “What a career to choose to live an exciting life and bring home the bacon?” Look no further than a career in marketing.

It has become one of the promising, rapidly growing fields during the last decades and is not going to climb down in the coming years. In the era of consumption, any business requires skillful and prolific marketing manager to promote own products sharpening the business.

So, consider marketing as a future career when studying in university or college.  Marketing is a nice and neat occupation for smart, ambitious, creative people. It provides an ample opportunity to live a breath-taking life constantly meeting the challenges and tasting the victory.

If you are still hesitating why choose marketing as a major career, here are the main reasons to follow that direction.

Money Matter

moneyLet’s get it straight, the key point of choosing any career is money. Any person wants to find a rewarding position to have a life free from money worries. Marketing as a career gives a chance to come at that style of life.

The correct wage rate depends on different aspects. There are several internal marketing categories which influence wage rate:

  • Advertising;
  • Promotions;
  • Brand management;
  • Market research;
  • Public relations.

Depending on the chosen field the wage may vary. Bear in mind current career position, experience, and length of employment which also matter.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, a qualified person earns around $115,000 per year on the average. A manager’s rate is a bit higher — $119,000–$120,000. The figures can differ as much turns on capabilities of companies, extra hours (often paid at a double rate) and bonuses. Anyhow, the salary level is comfortable for a good living.

Long-term potential

Is marketing a good career in the long run? Sure, it is.  It provides longstanding potential, unlike many others. A graduate may land a job within a company soon after leaving the university and work at it throughout life.

Marketing is very demanding as a career. It is never boring, offering new challenges at every turn. Marketing keeps you concentrated and motivated all the time. Managers constantly face new projects with diverse tasks. So, it’s a proper career path for a dynamic person who feels the need to be in a rush.

Besides, the field is constantly changing. Life calls the shots and under the conditions of today marketing focus has shifted on the Internet. The industry is developing and no matter what is coming next, without doubt, a market for qualified marketers will grow, for sure.

Tasks Diversity

Marketing as a career befits a creative person with different inclinations. It deals with a bunch of diverse things. Your focus areas are going to be blogs, social networks, email shots, advertising, affiliate programs, and so forth. In each particular case, the strategy may vary dramatically. Besides, employers claim getting rid of strategy patterns. They often demand to get a new angle on each task.

Occupying this position a person is to show his creativity in solving complicated issues. Creativity and fresh thinking are the main tools of any successful marketer. The industry requires constant personal development increasing own knowledge and skills. Also, there are computer programs targeted at assisting in creating and delivering the strategy.

Communication With a Lot Of People

communication2Being the marketer means knowing the demands of the target audience. Of course, there are PC programs and internet statistics but the best way to find out the needs of the people is one-to-one communication. So, a sociable person with the ability to explore the general mood on the street without appearing to do so has good chances to succeed.

Strategy creation and adoption process involves a whole team of experts in related fields. Depending on the task they may be a SEO specialist, web-designer, salesman, vendor, and a lot more. The marketer is the one who easily gets along with others, engages partners and knows audience desires. So, marketing is all about personal interaction, people and their needs.

Marketing Career Path

Set about getting ready to the marketing career yet in the university. The position of the marketing manager is demanding and requires different skills. Nothing matters more than the ability to cope with new challenges and find the way out in the trickiest situations.

So, when looking for the writer cheap papers think twice. In fact, it turns out clumsy assistance. If you back down from challenges in uni, how on earth are you going to cope with marketing tasks?

Beyond that, the manager`s position requires Bachelor’s degree. You have to be an expert in consumer demands, behavior, market research, finding the target audience, and more. Experience matters as well. For that reason, try to find salaried placement or fill-in summer job related to sales/advertising. It’ll give a boost in applying for the work.

The graduates commonly kick off with a Product Manager position. Some companies also denote it as Marketing Executive or Assistant Brand Manager. The other position available for a newcomer is Market Researcher. The further career advance is under the employee’s thumb.

Still wondering why choose marketing? The marketer profession provides lots of pros:

  • Sufficient salary level;
  • Long-term potential;
  • Career growth;
  • Task diversity;
  • Interaction with other people, and whatnot.

As for the cons, get ready for the days on the jump and extra hours.