Can You Really Prove the Value of Learning and Training Activities?

“So when it comes to training and learning as a viable solution for helping people be the best that they can be in the roles that they serve, I believe that that’s always been important.  We’ve just not always been able to illustrate impact in the past the way in which we’re able to now. That is because of the different types of tools and resources and knowledge that we’ve gained about the science of measuring the impact of training and learning.”

Kevin M. Yates, The L&D Detective

We’re Only Human — Episode 170


It’s an age-old problem: We’re training people, but how do we know if it’s working? What’s the impact? What’s the result? What’s the ROI? 

In this interview with Kevin M. Yates, the learning detective and a daily practitioner with experience in learning analytics and measurement at organizations like Meta and McDonald’s, you’ll learn about how measuring and proving training value is closer than ever before. 


Show Notes