Unleashing the Power of Good Managers: Insights from CHRO Cheryl Gochis

“And someone says, ‘I don’t think management’s for me.’ Celebrate that! When somebody says that to you, you need to celebrate and say, ‘Great decision!’ As an individual contributor, you have joy in your job by being excellent, by being a subject matter expert.”
Cheryl Gochis, Chief Human Resources Officer, Baylor University
We’re Only Human – Episode 173

In this episode, Ben Eubanks interviews Cheryl Gochis, the chief human resources officer at Baylor University. They discuss the importance of enabling and selecting great leaders. Cheryl highlights the impact of a good manager on their team, the importance of truthful job descriptions for manager roles, and the need for HR professionals to understand and support the business they serve. The interview also highlights the value of sharing real stories and narratives to guide managers, rather than adopting a formulaic approach.

Show Notes