The #1 Pay Transparency Priority for Employers

“Pay transparency is here (or coming) depending on where you’re located and where you’re hiring people. It’s kind of like a snowball rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger. It’s something to really stop and think about and prepare for now, because it’s not easy. I think the biggest thing around transparency is thinking about what your education plan is for your people.”

Megan Nail, Vice President, Total Rewards Practice at NFP

We’re Only Human — Episode 167

In our research with employers, we find many of them believe that salary transparency puts more power into the hands of candidates and employees, but there’s also a lot of value for employers, too. If your organization wants to stand out from the crowd, it’s not as simple as bumping up pay and walking away. 

In today’s interview with Megan Nail, she tells some of the best strategies for evaluating your compensation competitiveness against internal and external measurements. Plus she gives her best advice on how to manage pay transparency in a healthy, employee-focused manner. 

Show Notes