A Case Study in Hiring with Intentionality, Not by Accident

“So it’s really designed to be a two-way street and to create that conversation from the very, very beginning points. So we’re setting the expectations for what employment is going to be like, especially as a leader at our company.”

Nicole Hirsch, Sr Recruiting Manager, Lattice

We’re Only Human — Episode 169


Teaching hiring managers how to interview… It sounds like a foregone conclusion, yet data from the 2023 Lighthouse Research & Advisory Modern Screening Practices Study of more than 500 employers shows that it’s not happening as much as it should. Employers put their reputation on the line every time they let hiring managers speak with candidates, but they don’t always do a good job of preparing them for what to say, how to say it, etc.

In this conversation between Ben and Nicole Hirsch, a senior recruiting leader, you’ll hear how to approach this with intentional focus in order to drive the best hiring results. 


Show Notes