Turning Labor Market Insights into Talent Intelligence with Brian Jackson of Southwest Airlines

So we’re looking at how the words are actually formed. When you’re hiring for a technology manager, what does that mean? Are you looking for a technical technology manager? Are you looking for someone who grew up in the chops of software development, knows all of the full delivery life cycle, or are you looking for someone who’s more project focused? If your job description isn’t conveying those skills or that type of clarification in the job description, you’re not gonna get the right person. You might get lucky.  But when you’re hiring at scale, you know you can’t do that time and time again. 

Brian Jackson, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Southwest Airlines

We’re Only Human — Episode 166

How can employers use the data from the larger labor market to make decisions on key skills, strategic workforce planning, and other human capital activities? 

In this episode, Ben talks with Brian Jackson of Southwest Airlines on that exact topic, diving into data sources, how to translate insights, and more. Talent leaders that have considered exploring the new era of talent intelligence will learn Brian’s thinking on the topic and how he supports his team with external labor data from beyond the four walls of the organization. 

Show Notes