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Welcome to the SHRM Chapter Leadership Guide

Below you’ll find a few posts I’ve written just for SHRM chapter leaders. I highly encourage you to explore them all and I hope they help you as you continuously work to advance your chapter!

I talk a lot. Sometimes something useful actually comes out, too! :-) Seriously, though. I love helping people make their businesses better, and aren’t SHRM chapters really businesses in disguise? If you don’t think so, try treating your members poorly and see what happens to your revenue stream…

So, are we on the same page now? Cool.

Now all you have to do is click through the posts linked below. I encourage you to make notes, print them out, and/or send them to other chapter leaders who might find them useful. And if you do end up using something I’ve suggested, please tell me about it!

SHRM Chapter Leader’s Guide

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SHRM chapter planning and marketing

30+ Ideas for SHRM chapter leaders

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