What do focusing on the “little” details and social media for unemployed HR pros have in common? They’re two of the guest posts that I’ve written lately!

Please check them out and leave a comment. I know that Charlie and Robin would definitely appreciate it.

  • Nothing bigger than the little things-I look at how the “little” things are what makes a company successful (or not) in the long term. Here’s a sample: Some people will tell you the “little” things like that don\’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I would counter that those “little” things are what great companies are made of. Click here to read the rest of this post
  • Unemployed HR people: take note-In this post I discuss a reader question and offer some advice to those HR/recruiting pros who are unemployed and looking for work. Here’s a taste: I don\’t think social media is the answer to all problems. I think the majority of people using social media could not get a job offer directly through that method. Click here to read the rest of this post

These guest posts went live (fairly recently) elsewhere that you may have missed. Some of them might be a bit different flavor than the usual upstartHR offerings, so be sure to check them out! If you\’re interested in seeing some of my previous escapades, click here for the Guest Post Blitz archive to see other mildly entertaining posts like these. :-)

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