25 Ways People Found Me

questionsI am always interested in finding out how people learn about me. But sometimes the information or avenue can be a bit… Um, weird? Yeah, that’s about the only way I can put it. Check out these 25 ways people found me via Google. If you’re one of them, I hope you found what you came for. And it looks like a lot of people ended up here looking for zombie info. Maybe you found that, too.

  1. Can You Train a Zombie? I haven’t, but it doesn’t mean you can’t try. Just keep an eye on your brains.
  2. why i didn’t pass the sphr exam Probably because you didn’t have an awesome study resource to help.
  3. passing the gphr I got some search traffic on this one, but I sure as heck don’t know how to pass the GPHR. Anyone out there in the audience GPHR certified?
  4. HR formulas I feel bad for the people who used that one. It takes you to a post with absolutely nothing useful in it. One of my earlier, funnier posts. I keep meaning to go back and fix that, but it slips my mind…
  5. can sphr be passed without experience No, because you have to have experience to take the SPHR. It’s not the same with the PHR, but it will be in 2011.
  6. creativity for hr professionals Creativity is what I have more than enough of. I can’t get that darn brain to shut off. Now if I only had the time to make it useful, things would be wildly different.
  7. recruiting rock Hmmm… Is that a song? A recruiter for rocks? I can’t figure out that one!
  8. 10 reasons why you’re a zombie All of them probably start with “because you were bitten, you idiot.”
  9. computer is dying before upstart is ready Ummm. What?
  10. dude you’re a zombie There’s really no way to break the news to them easy, you know?
  11. culture comment funny Yeah! I have culture. I comment. I’m funny. What else do you need?
  12. do you think hr should encourage education assistant Probably was supposed to be “education assistance.” I’m not sure. Encouraging education assistance means more out-of-pocket for the company, but it also makes for a more educated workforce. Anyone else want to chime in?
  13. free education on hr You’re reading it right here, baby.
  14. free phr novel read I’ve written an eBook, but it’s no novel. If someone has written a PHR novel, they should be shot.
  15. funny hr videos I’ve seen a few here and there. This is one funny HR video that sticks out.
  16. have finally been Why would you search this? And why would you find me? Weird.
  17. how much pay will be for hr assistant say appropriate The pay will suck. You’ll do hard work. Get used to it.
  18. how much do hr assistants make See #17.
  19. how long should you study for phr exam A lot. The more the better. The free PHR guide has more info.
  20. how long should i study for phr exam Probably the same as the guy who asked #19.
  21. how to get entry level hr people Buy some. Or rent some. We’re cheap.
  22. how to get entry level hr experience You find a job like I mentioned in #17 and you keep it up until you can do something more useful. Or you can be smarter and find somewhere to volunteer or intern. Just a little bit of experience makes a huge difference that early in the game.
  23. HOW TO GET INTO HR You can study in school and progress to an HR job (like I did) or you can work in some other field and “fall into” HR, or you can get kidnapped and forced into an HR position against your will and they suck your brains out before you even know what happened. Good luck!
  24. how do I know if I’m affected by a zombie Ask yourself if they are sucking on your brains. If the answer is “yes,” then you’re affected. If the answer is no, check your zombie handbook.
  25. hr career i am entry level I am, too. What’s it to ya?

Hope you enjoyed the post. This was definitely a fun one. Look for the second half pretty soon. Make sure you’re getting free updates if you don’t want to miss it!

8 thoughts on “25 Ways People Found Me

  1. TheHRD

    On looking at my (albeit meagre) results the other day, I noticed

    “osama bin laden sheep”


    “elvis body odor”

    Goes to show sometimes people let their fingers do the talking….and the thinking!

  2. adowling

    I love the search terms! Someone once found there way to my blog by searching for something to do with going barefoot on asphalt. I no idea what that was about and I’m pretty sure I dont want to know. I do get a lot of hits from people searching for “fake the sphr” or “fake sphr”. Must be the same dude from number 5.

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