3 Businesses You Could Start with a History Degree

The first thing that we are all thinking about when we attend a college is what we are going to be doing when we are finished.  Some degrees are easy to figure out.  If you are going to law school, you are going to be a lawyer.  Headed to college for your business administration degree and you are likely to be moving up in the business world as a manager with just about any company.  In some cases, you might be thinking about starting your own business.  So, we are going to discuss the types of businesses that you can start with a history degree.

1. History Tutor

Even after you are done with college you can help others that might need help on the topic of history.  There are so many colleges around the country, giving you the freedom to start your business just about anywhere.  The best part is that you can do this all on your own and with the knowledge that you gained while attending college.  Bringing your knowledge of history to those that are having trouble understanding it can be a very good business to start, allowing you to earn money in just a few hours per day.  With that being said, it can also be done as a part-time or a side business.

2. Historical Research Consultant

In many cases, companies that deal with historical facts and other research related to history are not going to have a lot of time to do the dirty work.  This opens the chance for you to bring your history research skills into play and start a consulting business.  You can take on all of the research for a client and offer it to them for a rate that you specify based on the parameters that you set.  Research takes time and when you attend an online college like Norwich University for your military history degree, you are going to learn the skills needed to make you a more efficient researcher.

3. Law Firm

Even though an online MMH degree does not sound like it matches up with being a lawyer and starting your own law firm, having that degree is valued in the legal profession.  In many cases, those that graduate with a history degree are valued as lawyers because of the critical thinking and analytical research skills.  These are valuable skills for becoming a lawyer and after following up with a law degree and gaining a little bit of experience as a lawyer, starting your own law firm just seems to make sense.

Here you have at least three businesses that you can start with your brand new history degree.  There are many others out there to choose from. It really comes down to what you want to do after you graduate.  If you attend college again for a postgraduate degree, the numbers of doors that open up are even greater at the end of the day.