5 Christmas Gift Ideas for HR Professionals

Christmas is on the horizon, and I hope you have already started your shopping! If not, don’t lose hope. I have just the thing for you to get for that semi-geeky human resources person in your life. In the last two years, we have transitioned to doing 90+ percent of our shopping online, and it’s SO much easier. Below in all their glory and splendor, you will find five Christmas gift ideas for HR professionals.

Ranging from notebooks to make the HR pro in your life smile to tech ideas and even into personal care, there’s something on this Christmas gift list for every HR leader!

HR notebooks

Every HR leader I’ve ever met uses notebooks to keep track of work, tasks, to-do lists, and more. These notebooks are guaranteed to make your HR friends smile. If the person is also an HR volunteer leader, there’s a special one for that!

Webcams for Virtual HR Meetings

Today’s HR leaders have more virtual meetings than ever before, and even with the holidays and Christmas coming, that isn’t changing much over the next few weeks.

The good news is that HR leaders can use a good webcam to help them with their work day. The right webcam can help correct poor lighting, focus issues, and more, and Logitech is the best in the market for this.

HR Books Make Great Christmas Gifts

HR professionals are learners, first and foremost. If you want to grab your HR friends a copy of one of the top HR books, they would appreciate it! For instance, check out this reading list from the HR Summer School event of 2020 featuring books from authors and other recommendations from our favorite speakers.

Go Personal, Be Human

One of the things that happens every winter is skin issues, from lips to fingers and more. My wife was a teacher for many years, and one of the things she appreciated most was a nice, comprehensive set of skincare items that helped during those tough winter months. She kept a case similar to this Burt’s Bees kit below in her desk and it helped her with chapped hands, dry lips, or whatever else winter had to throw her way.

Earbuds, Noise Canceling Headphones, and More

One of the tricks I used when I was very focused on a deadline or urgent HR project was to put on headphones. Others would sometimes leave me alone if they didn’t urgently need my help, and it allowed me to focus on the highest priority items in the moment. Even with Christmas coming, people still need a bit of focused intensity now and again.

Check out the options for headphones and earbuds at Amazon.

If you’re an HR pro, what would you like for Christmas? Help us add to the list!

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