5 Secrets for How to Be a Great Place to Work

One of the annual occurrences here in North Alabama is the “best place to work” competition. It’s a regular staple for HR leaders and employers to try and prove they are, well, one of the best places to work. One of the firms that I know fairly well has actually won the contest multiple times, walking away with awards virtually every year.

I recently had a chance to connect with their VP of Employee Experience and took away five tips and ideas on how to be a great place to work. The video is below–I’d love to hear your thoughts on which tip resonates for you!

One thought on “5 Secrets for How to Be a Great Place to Work

  1. Stephanie Walton

    Great information here, really helpful. I love the “Best way to avoid problem employees is not to hire them” and making sure we invest in coaching someone into leadership verses just assuming they are leadership material based on years of experience. Thank you for sharing.

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