Are you settling?

I’ve been living at my new house since May 2011, and a recurring frustration is a lack of internet service here. I’m less than half a mile away from businesses and consumers with high speed internet access, but for some reason I’m not able to make it happen.

The other night I was checking the website for ATT, a local DSL provider. This is the message (see image below) I got back after I searched for service at my address.

Um, really? The customer service people at ATT think it’s acceptable for their website to function 63% of the time?

Are you settling for less than the best you have to offer? It’s easier, and it definitely takes less work, but you also miss out on things as well. Excitement. Adventure. Fun. Respect. (to name a few)

Don’t settle for being useful,  helpful, and valuable for only 63% of the time. Others can immediately tell when you’re settling for less than your best or giving it your all.

Don’t. Settle. 

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