Blogging lessons as I pass a milestone

Hey, everyone! Today we’re going super informal. Not that it’s much different from the norm, but I wanted to warn you. :-) I was gearing up to write a post for today and noticed that I missed it last week. I hit 400 posts (on this blog) and there was no fanfare. There was no celebration. Nobody cracked open a Diet Mountain Dew as a toast to this blog’s longevity.

No, just one more little milestone as we roll merrily along.

I never would have imagined coming this far the day I wrote my first post. When I saw and heard about others who had written hundreds of articles, I was in awe. The two biggest question that popped into my head at the time:

  • Where do you get the time to do that?
  • How do you have that many ideas?

Now I know the answers. The first one is time. It takes a little time invested over a long period to reach those kinds of numbers. When it comes to ideas, they are everywhere. You just have to be sensitive/aware and not let them slip by.

But those aren’t the only lessons I’ve learned and that I want to share. I try to keep away from writing posts like this that focus only on the tiny audience segment that actually blogs, but I write posts for other groups, so why not that one? Now, I’ve written about why HR people don’t blog before, but I still think there are some out there who are wondering, “Is my idea interesting? Would anyone else read it? Am I really a good writer?”

If’ you think you might be interested in writing even a single blog post, try it. Send me the post and we can get it published here. We can ask for some feedback from the audience (many of whom are much brainier than me). Whatever it takes to help you get over that first hurdle and start, I’d like to help if you are interested.

If you’re already out there blogging, and you are looking for some tips that I have picked up, here are a handful.

  • The more often you write quality posts, the more traffic you’ll get. When I slow down on my writing, traffic drops. Personally I don’t stick with other blogs that post 7+ times per week because it just gets to be too much to keep up with. I’ve gone back and forth and now try to do 2-3 per week.
  • SEO is worth the effort if you are interested in traffic. If you are just writing for fun, then it’s less important.
  • Connecting with other writers via comments, guest posts, Twitter, etc. is a great way to build your audience.

Any other questions you have about blogging that I can help with? Leave a comment below and we can discuss. Thanks again for the support! I appreciate you guys.

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