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3 Keys to Creating and Becoming a Best Place to Work: Angie Redmon on We’re Only Human

“What different actions can we take going forward? So whether it was an implementation to our benefits plan or whether it was rolling out a new piece to our onboarding process, let’s do an analysis at the end… Is there anything that could’ve made this better? Just one little thing that we could tweak so that we can learn from this.”
Angie Redmon, striveHR


We’re Only Human — Episode 107


Today there’s no shortage of employer award programs. Every magazine, business publication, website, and trade association has a version of these programs, and they all look at different elements of how employers support their people. In today’s conversation, Ben talks with Angie Redmon of striveHR about how she works with employers to help them win these awards. As you’ll hear in the discussion, this is about more than “teaching to the test.” It’s about fundamentally changing how you care for and support your people, and the journey towards that end goal is perhaps more important than the end goal itself. In the conversation you’ll learn the three critical components that lead to a winning strategy over time. 

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What is the Extended Workforce? Insights from Utmost on We’re Only Human

“The way work is getting done as increasingly flexible and it gives the worker the power of choice. That choice serves both the worker and the end enterprise.” 

Dan Beck, COO of Utmost


We’re Only Human — Episode 106


Quick, your business needs to fill a talent gap you have, but you don’t want to hire a new staff member. What do you do? Hire a consultant? Pick up a freelancer? Snag an independent contractor? 

Historically, these activities have happened outside the realm of HR, partly due to compliance and partly due to the different approaches to bringing on that talent. In today’s episode, Ben talks with Dan Beck, COO of Utmost, about how forward-thinking employers are hiring, tracking, and managing the extended workforce.

Think about it: companies today have increasing numbers of gig workers and flexible talent on the books, so why shouldn’t we have insights into who they are, how we can manage them, and what that investment looks like at the highest levels of the company? 


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Are HR consultant jobs a good idea? [Reader Question]

Today’s question is about HR consultant jobs and whether they are a good career move. 

Note: I LOVE to get questions from readers (just like the one below). If you have a question you’d like to ask here or on the podcast, please send it to questions AT or record a short voice note here anonymously:

See other reader questions here. Today’s question is about HR consultant jobs and whether they are a good career move for someone who is trying to break into HR. 

I have been working in a retail job and want to get into HR. Are HR consulting jobs a good idea for me? I have my degree and want to take the certification exam when I can. 

Good News and Bad News

Hi Luis! Thanks so much for the question. Let’s dive into a few aspects of this because it’s not an easy yes/no answer when it comes to HR consultant jobs. 

I’ll start with the tough news: if you’re working in retail and have not been in HR yet, it’s going to be very difficult to jump right into consulting. There are a few reasons, like the fact that 80% of what you learn about HR happens on the job, not in a classroom. 

learning hr consultant jobs

That said, don’t lose hope! I have some ideas for you that can help you make some headway. 

Breaking into HR and Other Tips

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What Types of Drugs Might Show Up on a Drug Test?

If you are looking for the right person for the job, then it is important for you to conduct a thorough background check. There is a lot that you need to do to make sure that you find the right employee. One of the most important tests is a drug test. At the same time, there are lots of different drug tests from which you can choose. What are a few of the lines that you need to pay attention to when it comes to an applicant drug screen?

The Prospect of a Positive Marijuana Screen

First, understand that you may be looking at a test that is positive for marijuana. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you are located, this may or may not matter. There are two different substances that may be positive when it comes to a marijuana screen. The first is CBD, which stands for cannabidiol. This is something that can be found over the counter in a lot of places. A lot of people take CBD regularly to help them with sleep, substance abuse issues, and even anxiety. The other possible positive is THC. THC is the substance in marijuana that gives it its characteristic high. This is something that you will definitely want to explore if you find that it was positive. Make sure you understand what you’re looking at if someone is positive for marijuana.

Understand the Implications of Prescription Drugs

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HR Analyst Day *Podcast Takeover* Featuring Engagedly on We’re Only Human

“Be gentle with yourself. I think we can all afford a little compassion and we’re often able to give that to others easier than we’re able to give it to ourselves. Give yourself time for introspection to understand what truly motivates you and let that be your first step.”

Kristin Richter, Engagedly


We’re Only Human — Episode 105


This is a special edition of We’re Only Human! Last fall Ben cohosted HR Analyst Day with Jessica from Workology (who you’ll hear on today’s show). They talked with a wide variety of HR tech companies covering recruiting, benefits, learning, engagement, and more. This episode was one of the outcomes from that experience. In it, Jessica interviews Kristin Richter from Engagedly about the company’s focus and how it helps to create a more human-centered workplace. 


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Engaging a Field-Based Workforce-Lessons from Nussbaum Transportation on We’re Only Human

“You can reconcile accounting, but you can’t always reconcile people.”

Jeremy Stickling, Chief Administrative Officer at Nussbaum Transportation


We’re Only Human — Episode 104


Turnover in some trucking and transportation companies runs nearly 100% a year, meaning they turn over virtually every employee over a 12 month period. But at Nussbaum, the turnover runs under 30% a year. What’s the secret, and how can other employers with a field-based or remote workforce apply those principles to create better employment outcomes for their people? In this episode, Ben talks with Jeremy Stickling, Chief Administrative Officer at Nussbaum Transportation, about how the company has cracked this code. It’s a great case study on caring for people and delivering a great experience, regardless of where employees are based. 


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What is a Good HR Job for Introverts? [Reader Question]

Occasionally I get a question from a reader, such as below. If you have a question you’d like to ask here or on the podcast, please send it to questions AT or record a short voice note here anonymously:

See other reader questions here. Today’s question is about how introverts can thrive in the world of HR. 

What is a good HR job for introverts? I am somewhat shy and am looking for a way to follow my passion for HR without totally stressing myself out. 


Hi Monique! Thanks for asking a question that so many of us have wondered about. Truth be told, I’m quite shy in person. When at events where I don’t know someone, I’m often more likely to read a good book in my hotel room than go to a networking event and meet people! While there are tons of HR job titles and jobs out there, I am going to make the case that introverts can do many of those very well. 

Some research shows that we are fairly split as a group of introverts and extroverts in the human race, but it can feel like extroverts really run the show in many cases. However, I have met so many people who are able (like I have trained myself) to appear boisterous and friendly while maintaining their introversion at the same time. Let’s break it down a bit. 

Shyness vs Introversion

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