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Leading Organizational Change at Siemens with Manuela Brede on We‘re Only Human

“No one likes leaving the comfort zone, but change forces you to leave your comfort zone, your known area. That is also an aspect of why it’s important to start early because you also need to transport the vision for why you change, why you transform things, because if people don’t understand why things are changing and what is the greater strategy, they will find it even harder to change themselves and their behavior.” 

Manuela Brede, Senior Consultant Transformation & Change Management at Siemens

We’re Only Human — Episode 128


Changing workplace technology, practices, or almost any factor in the employee experience is guaranteed to create friction. Why? Because humans are inherently drawn to stability. New data from Lighthouse Research & Advisory shows that while all employees don’t want remote work, many of those that have it want to keep it. 

Today’s discussion with Manuela Brede of Siemens dives into change, change management, organizational transformation, and more. With a robust background of insights into how human and organizational behavior integrate, listeners will quickly pick up on key ideas to help communicate and reinforce change of all types. 


Thank you to the team at IBM for connecting us with Manuela. IBM is doing tremendous work with organizational strategy and transformation for organizations like UnitedHealth Group, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, PayPal, and more. 


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Talent Intelligence and Compensation with‘s CEO on We‘re Only Human

As we provide, billions and billions of data points of pay, job descriptions, skills, information about the organization, information about people… We have all this data and talent intelligence is an emerging super category.

Kent Plunkett, CEO,


We’re Only Human — Episode 127


Today, more than ever, compensation is a priority for business leaders in fast-moving organizations. Not sure that’s true? Try mentioning pay equity or competitive job offers and see what comes up. 

In this episode, Ben interviews Kent Plunkett, CEO of, about the company’s priorities today. A key item on that agenda? The rise of Talent Intelligence as a category of AI-enabled talent technologies that drive better people and business outcomes. 


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HR‘s Role in Driving Organizational Success with Julie Salomone on We‘re Only Human

“That’s step one is you have to build that partnership. And hopefully now that the iron is hot,  strike it. If you have been supporting your business and organization through this pandemic,  how do you take advantage of that and make sure that now your voice is in the room. Make sure that now you’re using your voice and you’re saying some of these things. I think HR has a unique perspective to your point–we don’t cause a lot of these issues, but we help solve a lot of these issues.”

Julie Salomone, VP of Global Human Resources, Televerde


We’re Only Human — Episode 126


In all the factors that wrap into what a company does, the people are the key enablers, doers, and makers. And HR is the keeper of the people. 

In this heartfelt episode, Julie Salomone of Televerde and host Ben Eubanks discuss how HR can step up and drive success for all initiatives, both talent-oriented and not. Julie talks about what inspires her as an HR leader and offers a clear call to action for today’s talent professionals to step up and lead during challenging times. 



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Interviews as a Source of Rich, Actionable Data with BrightHire on We‘re Only Human

“The job of a talent acquisition leader is actually like five or six functions put together. You’re a marketing leader doing outbound and branding. You’re a sales leader, leading a team of individuals having conversations, converting candidates, or an operations leader by coordinating and scheduling and setting up interviews through the funnel. You’re an analytics leader, trying to build dashboards and reporting.” 

Teddy Chestnut, BrightHire


We’re Only Human — Episode 125


In the hiring process, we collect a lot of data. We look at costs, timing, responsiveness, candidate qualities, and so much more. But the majority of companies don’t capture much, if anything, around interviews. And when they do, that happens on a notepad or piece of paper, which is virtually impossible to analyze.

In this episode of We’re Only Human, Teddy Chestnut from BrightHire talks about how his company is enabling powerful insights from interviews at a massive scale, allowing business leaders to use that data for DEI hiring, process improvement, and so much more.


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20 Hiring Strategies, Ideas, and Tips for a Tight Talent Market on We’re Only Human

Thousands of people have been our dataset this year that we’ve been talking to and analyzing and understanding what’s happening. There’s so much research and evidence here to help you. Transparently, I’ve never seen a market like we’re in today. I hope this gives you some good insights and good ideas to solve for the current challenges and an extremely difficult hiring market.

Ben Eubanks
Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory
Host, We’re Only Human
Host, HR Tech Talks Livestream Show

We’re Only Human — Episode 124

In the rare solo episode, Ben talks directly to talent and HR leaders who are struggling to find the right staff in the unprecedented job market employers are facing. This episode brings a ton of resources to bear:

  • Ben’s hands on experience in recruiting hard to find talent in the special operations aviation community
  • Interviews with more than a dozen forward-thinking talent and HR leaders that are taking a proactive approach to the current situation
  • Data from more than 800 employers from this year’s Talent Acquisition Trends research at Lighthouse

Take notes! And if you have had a conversation with someone in the past 30 days about the challenges of hiring, take a minute to share this episode with them. After all, a rising tide lifts all ships!

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Openness to Failure as a Critical HR Skill on We’re Only Human

“I think openness to failure is as important as openness to success, because if you’re not open to failure, you’re not open to trying new things. Full stop. You’re going to keep rolling out the same trite things that maybe aren’t the best things. So it’s really as important to try new things, and where you give yourself the credibility is the fact that you are measuring and you are looking at whether or not this works objectively.”

Caitlin Bigsby, Visier


We’re Only Human — Episode 123


Want to be more successful? Fail more often. 

In a recent conversation with an executive that works with numerous high-performing organizations, he explained that the critical differentiator for the best firms is a willingness to iterate and experiment, knowing that some of those will inevitably fail. 

In today’s episode, Ben speaks with Caitlin Bigsby about the importance of analytics, measurement, and data when it comes to HR and talent practices. Caitlin shares how to identify problems that data can solve, what to do next, and how to leverage evidence as a powerful tool for positive change in the business. 


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Digital, Secure Document Management for HR Teams on We’re Only Human

“An HR manager can do whatever they need to do.  We do have a vision, and the vision is that all administrative tasks should be done in less than 15 seconds.”

Leila Laidani, Aconso


We’re Only Human — Episode 122


In the last year, companies have shifted much of their work processes to a digital format. However, legacy files and workflows don’t always transition so easily. 

In this episode, Ben talks with the team from Aconso about how using secure, digital storage solutions can help HR leaders to not only protect and preserve sensitive information, but use their time more effectively than shuffling paper and documents. 


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