How to Skip 1,500 Interviews and Increase Quality of Hire

And so that doesn’t happen overnight. But over time, as people bought into it and we started to see over the course of one year, we gave the business back 1500 interviews. Imagine the extra time that was available for our product managers. They could do their job, and then when the quality of hire goes up with that, you start to get this [positive] cycle. You’ve now made a better hire, and because you started with listening, there’s a high probability that [they’re] gonna be successful and stay longer.

Lance Sapera, Former VP Talent Acquisition, Talend

We’re Only Human — Episode 164

How do you structure talent acquisition teams to support business growth?

Did you know that the best approach isn’t to use a very lean team and overwork them? That’s the perspective of today’s guest, Lance Sapera, who has supported multiple organizations through rapid growth as a talent acquisition executive. The insights he offers are a roadmap to smarter, more effective hiring practices.

As the title indicates, Lance shares one change to TA processes that led to 1,500 fewer interviews AND a stronger quality of hire at the same time, which is virtually unheard of. 

Grab your notepad. This is a great episode and you should have some excellent takeaways. 

Show Notes