Difficult People, SHRM, and Enthusiasm-Guest Post Blitz #8

What do difficult people, SHRM’s value proposition (or lack thereof), guinea pigs, and enthusiasm have in common? They are all guest posts I’ve done in the past little while! Looks like I’m a little schizophrenic with the varying topics, but each post has its own merits.

I have several guest posts that went live (fairly recently) elsewhere that you may have missed. Some of them might be a bit different flavor than the usual upstartHR offerings, so be sure to check them out! If you\’re interested in seeing some of my previous escapades, click here for the Guest Post Blitz archive.

My friend Charlie Judy at HR Fishbowl let me share my thoughts on working with difficult people in this short post: Who needs a class? Get rid of them!

John Jorgenson of the newly christened HR Tailgate blog opened up the discussion by letting me reply to his own SHRM-related post with an article of my own: SHRM, Value, and You

Jessica Miller Merrill at Blogging4Jobs opened up the stage and let me discuss science experiments, rodents, and an billion dollar corporation’s product strategies: Guinea Pigs and Google

Lance Haun over at Rehaul lets me talk about one of my favorite elements of a good candidate: enthusiasm-can it get you hired?

On the NASHRM chapter blog, RocketHR, I discussed good work etiquette and not making a bad impression: termination for bad manners? (don’t miss my funny SlideShare presentation at the bottom!)

And finally, Laurie Ruettimann told me to write something about SHRM and how they can stop doing things poorly, so of course I jumped at the chance: SHRM-3 recommendations from a new member.

Just a little bit of my brain floating around the interwebs these days. Anything in there interesting or enjoyable? What’s your favorite piece?

2 thoughts on “Difficult People, SHRM, and Enthusiasm-Guest Post Blitz #8

  1. Leon Noone

    G’Day Ben,
    I’m just an ignorant Aussie. But I suspect I’m not the only person getting you blog who doesn’t have the faintest idea what SHRM stands for.

    Best Wishes

  2. Ben Post author

    Hey, Leon!

    Gosh, I never thought about that. Thanks for the swift kick in the pants. :-) SHRM is the largest human resources professional association in the US (Society for Human Resources Management). You can find them at SHRM.org. Hope that helps!

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