Ethical Dilemma? Ask This Question

Recently I attended a training, and the speaker offered a great piece of advice that I have taken to heart.

Before you make the ethical decision that you’re considering, can you see yourself defending it from the witness stand in a courtroom?

Ouch, but true. When we sometimes are sliding into those gray areas around employee relations and other “soft” parts of HR, it would be smart to keep that in mind.

Ever had to defend a decision in court? How did it go?

One thought on “Ethical Dilemma? Ask This Question

  1. Hutto

    I thought that was a great perspective. Something to keep in mind for sure… The only thing I’ve had to defend in court is unemployment.. Ive had three make it all the way to an in person hearing… I wouldn’t take it that far if I didn’t have the right documentation and information to win…

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