How basic knowledge of informatics will help you write essays faster

business-2178566_1920For sure, the hardest task during your student life is to get your numerous papers done. How to write a paper really fast? Even if you're the smartest kid and your professors adore you, and all the peers help you with your tasks, it's still tricky to compose your essay if you don't pay for it right away.

What most teenagers don't know is that there are special tricks and you can definitely learn how to write a good paper fast. Yes, it may require you quite a lot of nerves, and you’ll spend some time to learn keyboard shortcuts and how to find good sources, but later on, you’ll become the quickest to turn in your quality paper.

Two sides that will help you write better

When you're writing your essay, there are several things you should focus on – the process of writing and editing and something before you start, when you only read and research. When you think of those two things, isn't it almost all the parts of the process of creating new essays? That's right, and we're presenting you the best ways to make it quick and smart.


When you research on the Internet, it’s very easy to get lost in tons of information or pick up a lot of unnecessary data, which may turn out to be false. We surely don’t want to spend extra hours there and then turn out to be fooled. Let’s imagine you’re trying to find a service in Canada that will make a paper for you, and work with this example.

Stop digging

When you first use some of the search engines, you’ll see thousands and thousands of pages, and whatever is what you’re searching for, there’s no purpose in going further than 4-5 pages. If you have a bit more time on your hands, you can simply give yourself a number you’ll be mostly looking into and stop when you opened and scanned all the pages. Otherwise, you’ll just end up losing yourself in the process, and that’s with irrelevant information you don't need.

The same thing with the assignment service, going further than 3-4 pages will probably only lead you to unpopular websites that have low reviews and bad results.

Use keywords

Before you start writing your text and doing research, it’s important to find the main keywords of what you’re writing about. This is the step that will definitely determine how well you'll do with your sources and how quickly you'll find needed information online.

So, when you want to find someone, who will write your essay for you, it’s important to focus on fatal points. For example, you can type in “a professional to write my long assignment paper for me for the university,” this is a very long sentence, and you’ll probably find one or two good results. But, if you search for professional help to “type my essay,” Google will gladly show you the best cheap services on the first page, because these are the popular search words. That's the answer to how to write a paper really fast.

Keyboard shortcuts

Clicking and swiping your computer mouse, opening and closing tabs, highlighting and editing the completed text – it takes a lot of time when you add everything up. A professional writer can have their own shortcuts that they added themselves, but students are free to use ones Microsoft already prepared.

Microsoft Word document

  • Shift key + left arrow key/ Shift + right arrow key – when you want to select your text and cut it/paste it somewhere else, just bring your cursor to a beginning or end of the text and move arrow keys to adjust the selection;
  • Ctrl + C – copy the text you selected;
  • Ctrl + X – cut the text you selected, which you can paste in somewhere in your paper later (press Delete button if you just want to get rid of it without pasting it anywhere);
  • Ctrl + V – paste the text you cut or copied;
  • Ctrl + F – when you're proofreading your text, you might find a lot of word overuse, or you need to highlight some keywords, the best way to do so is to use this shortcut; it can also help you with taking notice of your misspelled words;
  • Ctrl + S – save your document – one of the most important shortcuts for students in college;
  • Ctrl + A – select all the text in your document for the times when you want to copy it and send somewhere or check your essay for mistakes;
  • F7 – do spellcheck;
  • Shift + F3 – capitalize highlighted text;
  • Ctrl + backspace – delete a previous word.


  • Ctrl + T – open a new tab in the browser;
  • Ctrl + Shift + T – if you accidentally closed the tab you wanted to work with, this shortcut will help you reopen the most recent closed tab;
  • Ctrl + D – save page as a bookmark;
  • Ctrl + F – find something on the opened page.

As you’ve already understood, those tricks are worth learning at any age, but the best age for it is when you’re attending high school or college. Even if you learn only one trick, you’ll be able to save so much time for the actual writing process when you get to it. Moreover, the keyboard shortcuts not only make you a smart user, but they also look amazing when you’re concentrating on a working process. Don’t forget to share the tips with your peers to make their life better, too.