How Recruiters Manage to Find Talented Students With no Job Experience?

agreement-3399518_1280Recruiting new talent in the workplace has changed and is more involving than before. Candidate assessment no longer focuses on just academic qualifications. It's always beneficial to have direct work experience, but that is not the only requirement that will secure you a job.

Professionals have changed the way their recruitment process works so that they don't miss out on top talent from the young generation. With motivation and driven attitudes, you can land a good job and be a great asset to the company.

So what hiring strategies do employers use? In this article, we have compiled a list of some recruitment ideas that students with no work experience can use to get a dream job.

Focus on transferable skills

Managers are in search of students who have transferable skills that can be beneficial to their organization. Most agencies reserve entry-level positions for recent graduates. This is mainly because it is easy to mentor and train young talent as compared to candidates with only several years of experience.

Entry-level candidates come packed with invaluable soft skills that serve as a great asset to a company. By writing a research paper, students can improve their critical thinking, which makes them much more valuable on the market.

Hiring an employee who is capable of proper time management and communication is one of the goals that every recruiter wants to achieve. Recruiters can gauge your transferable skills by observing different measurements of competencies.

These include accountability, analytical thinking, teamwork, adaptability and initiative. By focusing on performance competencies hiring managers can know if you are the right person for the job.

Hire self-motivated people

Personal motivation is a key factor in any job. You might have excellent skills and an amazing academic qualification, but without self-motivation, your accolades don't matter as much. Hiring managers are interested in candidates who can find motivation to do their job without constant direct supervision.

If a person is self-motivated, you can expect them to have the desire and passion for being as productive as possible without any extra moral boost. When you have a challenging schedule, the best proactive approach is to use research paper help online. No matter the pressure that comes with the job you need to handle yourself professionally and keep the same momentum and drive at all times.

How do managers assess if you are self-motivated? By doing a behavioral interview and drafting a few questions, they can easily know if you are highly motivated or not.

Here are some of the most-common questions hiring managers ask to get an idea of how a candidate has dealt or deals with critical situations:

  • How do you manage a challenging workload?
  • Describe a time when you identified a problem and had to come up with a solution
  • How do you manage your schedule when you are having a bad day?
  • What are your goals in life?
  • How do you stay motivated when you experience a setback?

From your answers, hiring managers can predict your future performance and if your tenacity and innate drive are enough.

There are benefits companies enjoy from recruiting employees that are self-driven. Such employees have a higher success rate at work, they don't waste time and are valuable to their colleagues.

No one wants to work with someone who needs constant cajoling for them to accomplish a simple task. Students who show they are intrinsically motivated during the early stages of the interviewing process increase their chances of getting employment.

Hire for emotional intelligence not pedigree

Long time ago, no one used to consider emotional intelligence as a crucial factor when hiring employees. Now, times have changed, and employers are putting more emphasis on other deciding factors that improve employees' performance and job satisfaction.

What is emotional intelligence? It refers to the capability to understand, control and express your own emotions and also discern the emotions of other people as well. This helps foster better professional and interpersonal relationships.

Students who are emotionally intelligent tend to be better leaders and find happiness in their life. Hiring an emotionally rich candidate means they will be able to maintain their cool and act professionally in all situations.

You need to know how to remain calm when dealing with a disgruntled client or a rude colleague. This applies to all employees and not only for those in direct sales or customer support. If you have unnecessary outbursts or get upset every time you get into a disagreement with someone, then it's time you start working on controlling your emotions.

Social media recruitment

Companies are now using social media platforms to search for talent. The fact that young people looking for jobs are active in social media is a crucial factor that organizations use in their recruiting process. Among the social platforms we have, LinkedIn is the most popular for professionals, though recently companies have been branching into Twitter as well.

Social recruiting is indeed one of the most effective methods to advertise the company's culture. Plus, it helps managers to engage potential workers. Apart from posting job advertisements, hiring managers are getting more involved in social communities and groups where potential employees actively participate in.

To increase your online presence, you can identify the companies you like and create more engagement with them. This means forwarding their content to your friends, commenting on their posts and taking part in engaging conversations.

If you are a journalism student or an aspiring writer, providing tips and content on research paper writing might expose your talent to publication companies or professional writing services. Companies will engage you more, and hopefully, you might secure a job with them.

Social media influencers keep getting numerous job opportunities because companies value their talent and see value in using them to boost their brand awareness.

The next time you use social media, make sure you're not just sharing jokes and memes, but using that time to build your online presence. Who knows? Your employer might find your contribution to their page beneficial and decide to offer you a job.