How to praise an employee

Learning how to praise an employee isn’t hard, but if you spend time around some managers, you would think it was akin to climbing Everest or swimming across the ocean. It doesn’t have to be a such an ordeal. Here’s the short and sweet version:

  1. Walk up to the employee who deserves the praise.
  2. Tell the employee specifically what they did well that you sincerely appreciate.
  3. Walk away.

Any questions?

11 thoughts on “How to praise an employee

  1. Kristina Minyard

    This post cracks me up! 1.2.3.! Honestly though, sometimes I forget to do that for the girls that work for me. A little 1.2.3. reminder will go a long way over here this week! :)

  2. Nina Peterson

    Simple tip yet very effective. I always do that to my down lines, as a result, we have a harmonious relationship at work. I think treating them out on a coffee or lunch is also effective to praise them, have you done this? Thanks for sharing this post.


  3. Desiree Porcaro

    Communication is so important in the workplace. It can keep a work space functioning in a cohesive manner, and when a manager voluntarily hands out praise to his/her employees, it makes for a much happier workplace, people then enjoy coming to work.

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