HR person of the year?

A few days ago, I saw this tweet about a 2010 HR person of the year contest. Here is the original post on ERE with the details. I figured I would go in and vote for someone I know, but much to my surprise my own name was on the list! (Who was in charge of vetting these submissions, anyway?) I remember jokingly telling my wife that she needed to vote for me so I could get at least one vote. :-)

Then I got an intriguing email a few days ago from Geoff Webb, the organizer of the contest. He told me I had won!

I just wanted to say a quick “thank you” to everyone who  took a few minutes out of their day to go and vote for me. It means a lot to have you all as friends.

What does it mean?

As a side benefit of winning the contest, the event organizers are bringing me to Toronto in September for Radical Innovation (the TED Talks for the HR industry). The neat part? I’m not only invited to participate in this event as a spectator. It also sounds like I get to speak as well! Sounds like a blast if you ask me…

Anyway, just want to say thanks again to everyone and to Geoff for his hard work putting this contest together. I sincerely appreciate it! Here’s Geoff’s “official” announcement.

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    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks to everyone for the kind words and comments. I sincerely appreciate you all and know I wouldn’t have half as much fun if I couldn’t share it with each of you. :-)

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