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I have been talking about and sharing resources to help people with the HR certification exams for over a year now, and in that time I have officially promoted one specific tool to those looking for a fully-loaded study resource–HRCP. Recently I saw that they were updating their website and making some changes to their offerings to help people pass the PHR and SPHR exams. I reached out to them for some specifics that I will share below. Be sure to read to the end so you can find out how to win something special from HRCP!

Free/Neat Stuff

You can take advantage of several of the free tools they provide. With the high cost of certification in general, we all like a little free, right? :-) (FYI: if you want a discount on the HRCP materials, see this page for more info.)

  • Create a free account, take the free practice exam, Customers who have purchased the HRCP Program will have access to twice as many practice questions in the new Online Testing System!
  • Thinking about studying without the aid of a group? Check out the self study guide (PDF)
  • Not sure if you need a lot of time to study? Check out the study schedules they have put together for different test preparation styles.
  • They have a group on LinkedIn so you can share ideas and find others who are studying as well.
  • In case you’re wondering, their 2011 materials are already updated and shipping (that was fast!).
  • The newly upgraded testing system provides twice as many practice questions as part of the HRCP Program, totaling 800 questions (for the same price!).

Contest Info

Okay! So, HRCP is going to give away a free 100 question practice exam and I’m working with them to make this a recurring contest. For today, though, I have one of those exams to give away to someone. Interested?

Here’s how to enter: Simply leave a comment below telling how you plan to use your certification once you achieve it. Want a promotion? Think you can leverage it to get a new job? Maybe you’re just looking to gloat over your annoying coworkers? Let’s hear your reason for taking the PHR/SPHR exam.


  • Three sentence minimum, so be descriptive!
  • Contest ends 2/16 at midnight so get to work!
  • The winner will be randomly chosen from eligible entries using

12 thoughts on “HRCP-HR Certification Preparation

  1. Alli

    I want to take the SPHR exam to increase my ability to be competitive in the future! So many employers require (or strongly prefer) PHR or SPHR certification. I did not go to grad school and have been working in HR for years and years. Here’s to hoping that SPHR certification will help give me some “weight” in the market! Besides, even in my current job, certification can only help me to be able to have a broader impact. Now to make time for studying…

  2. Kellee

    I’m taking the prep course through Rice U and then the SPHR exam in order to ensure I am current across all areas of HR. Meeting and studying with other professionals in HR will help me effectively prepare for the exam. Haven taken and passed the PHR in 2000, the SPHR is the next step in my process as an HR professional. I want to be sure I have current knowledge to better assist all my managers work effectively with their teams, as well as minimize potential risk to the organization across all areas of HR.

  3. Michelle

    I am taking the SPHR exam to assist in growing the business I am currently employed by. In today’s current market it is important that we play a significant part in maximising our business success. While receiving certification will enhance my credentials, the additional knowledge I have gained in preparing for this exam will allow me to expand the HR consulting services we now offer to our clients.

  4. Nilsa

    I am looking totake the PHR exam to further my knowledge base of HR and what an accomplishment that would be! I have been in HR for 10 years – I spent 7 in Healthcare and I am currently in Higher Education. I have an Associates and have been working towards my BS in Business with a minor in HR Management. I just found out that I can waive 7 classes if I have my PHR – which is a savings of almost $15,000!

    I want to be able to answer questions that may come up at any time and not have to ask my boss for the answer, so achieving this goal is not only a personal satisfaction, but will also benefit my employer!


  5. Ramon

    I am retired after 31 successful years in my HR career. I want to obtain my SPHR Certification because it would add credibility to the consulting services I currently offer.

  6. Aaliyah

    I am looking forward to taking the SPHR exam to become more marketable in my job search and demonstrate my expertise in my field of Human Resources. I am currently unemployed for 8 months now and need the certification to increase my chances of employment. I have the required years of experience but often not considered for employment opportunities due to lack of PHR/SPHR credentials.

  7. Winnifred'''

    I have an MBA’ in Management’and have been in the HR field for 6yrs; i decided to take the SPHR’ because it offers a broad spectrum of Human Resources in General’ it certainly would create more opportunities as well as increase my skills and abilities in the workforce with the knowledge acquired…

  8. Judy

    As one who desires to be a true business partner in my organization – achieving SPHR certification will enable me to strategically apply information, trends, theory and practical information to daily business issues. By achieving my SPHR certification, I will also be able to assist my leadership team and staff in designing and maintaining a continual cycle of learning to better our working environment and serve our customers better than ever before.

  9. Fatma Elzhraa Ahmed

    i want to take SPHR exam as i want to be more qualifeid in my feild as my job let me deal with many people and also i like this feild as it make people more professional in their feild

  10. ccast

    I have worked in Human Resources for many years without any professional training. I have done very well, but need to authenticate my credentails and qualifications. I want to pass this exam get my PHR certification.

  11. Done!

    I just passed the SPHR exam on January 31st and used the HRCP Study Materials which were excellent. The test prep and practice was great and the flash cards were very helpful. I often have very limited focus so when I study for anything I tend to learn by cramming or personal experience so in this case I only studied for about 4 days prior to the test but the materials were critical as there were some areas I have not had the opportunity to interact with in the workplace that were indeed reflected on the test.

    HRCP is definitely a valuable resource along with any other free tests you can find on the web. The SPHR certification is definitely worth pursuing these days as every little edge helps, especially if you are on the hunt for a new role. Now I am on to the CBP certification.

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