#HRevolution 2012 is in Chicago, are you in?

Wow! We just got the finishing touches on the website and the registration page for HRevolution 2012 in Chicago. While we had planned to launch on Tuesday, we have already had a handful of people happen across the site to register early. It still amazes me at the fanatical level of devotion embodied by the fans of the HRevolution event (movement?!?).

For the new readers, you can see everything I’ve ever written on HRevolution here.

It is a different kind of HR event, and I highly encourage you to check it out. While it costs less than most other events, the content is anything but cut-rate. You’ll be rubbing elbows with some of nicest, smartest people I’ve ever met. And if you participate like we hope you will, there’s a good chance the other people will walk away thinking that you are one of those intelligent people they are glad to know. All we ask is that you bring the enthusiasm and passion that led you to this profession in the first place!

I’ll be posting more on the event in the coming months, but if you want an early bird ticket (25% off), you probably need to get a move on! Click here to register

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