HRevolution 2012-Sponsors, Dress Codes, and More

We’re just a few short days away from HRevolution 2012 in beautiful Chicago, and we have a few announcements to make as we gear up for yet another fabulous event.

Best. Sponsors. Ever.

First off, thank you to our awesome sponsors. We truly appreciate each of you helping to make this event a success. Please check out our sponsors page and see if one of the sponsors offers something that is right for your business. They are the reason we are able to put this event on at such a low cost, and without them HRevolution just wouldn’t be the same.

To our supporters and friends at Aquire, Ceridian, Pinstripe, and SilkRoad, we are all grateful for your support!

The pre-show show

Secondly, this Thursday night (10/4) the HR Happy Hour radio show will be on the air live at 7:00pm Central. You can dial in and listen to the show on your phone, or you can visit the link and listen to the live stream of the show as we chat with the sponsors and planners to get some insights into what to expect at HRevolution.


  • Want to know what’s going on at the event? Here’s our agenda.
  • What’s the dress code? Oooh! It’s not HR without a dress code, right? Honestly, we are very relaxed, and many attendees will be in jeans. Trust me, you’ll be focused on the content, not what you’re wearing.
  • What’s the event like? If this is your first HRevolution, you are in for SUCH a treat! Here’s a video shot a few months back that gives some idea of how HRevolution is both better and different from other events in the HR space.
  • If you’re on Twitter, you need to check out the #HRevolution hashtag for the “back channel” chatter on the event. You’ll find some new people to follow and have the chance to interact with the best and brightest HR pros around.

Have another question that you’d like answered? We are more than happy to help! You can reach Ben at or Trish at We are looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and having a great time at Chicago. See you there!

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