#HRevolution tickets for sale!

HRevolution tickets! Get ’em while they’re hot!

A few quick notes about the HRevolution tickets:

  • Discount for quick people-If you are one of the first 20 people to purchase tickets, you get $25 off. Snag one quick!
  • What you get for your money-Cost includes a meal on Friday evening plus Saturday breakfast/lunch/snack. It also helps us to cover the costs of the meeting space. We are still the cheapest (and coolest ;-)) event for HR/recruiting pros around!

Times are tough (duh)

There are a few ways for you to lower your costs of attending and still get the full benefits from being an HRevolution participant.

  • Room sharing-I shared a room with one guy at HRevolution ’09 and two guys at HRevolution ’10. As long as the trend doesn’t continue (four guys is a bit much, right? :-) ), I’ll be sharing room costs with my fellow attendees to make it more affordable in 2011. Some of the people who have roomed together in the past are now great friends and I’d like to think HRev helped with that at least a little.
  • Individual sponsors-I’m talking with a few companies to sponsor individual attendees as a sort of “scholarship.” If you are a company who’s willing to help someone attend this amazing event, contact me. It’s cheap ($150), will get you some kudos, and helps you to create a die hard fan. :-)
  • Carpooling (?)-I spent nine hours driving/riding to Chicago in May 2010. It was rough. But, again, it was a cost saving measure and all three of us were able to pay $30 for gas instead of buying 3 plane tickets. Plus we shared ideas and got the conversations started before we even arrived. Atlanta isn’t the hub of the universe, but it can still be less than a nine hour drive! If you’re interested in this, I recommend using Twitter with the #HRevolution tag and anyone who’s interested can reach out to you. Just a thought!

One more thing

If you are attending or interested the least little bit, let people know on LinkedIn. Same for our Facebook event. Share it. Hug it. Whatever it takes, just help us get the word out!

Hope to see you there!

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