I’m moving to MailChimp!

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Since the inception of the blog, I have used Feedburner to handle email and RSS subscriptions. While they do an okay job of it, I’m not quite satisfied with their delivery via email. Plus if I have a really neat idea or something that I’d like to send to subscribers only (as a side benefit of subscribing), then Feedburner does not allow me to do that.

So I’m switching to the monkey.

MailChimp offers me the ability to do those one-off emails to subscribers, plus their delivery is much more secure. It’s going to be a great experience. Why am I telling you? Well, if you want to subscribe, just put your info into the box below or click here if you don’t see a box below. Just an FYI, if you are subscribed via email currently, then I will port over your email and save you the trouble of resubscribing. There might be a post or two where you get double delivery while the services overlap, but I will fix that by week’s end.

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If you subscribe via RSS, that service will not change. But you might miss out on some of those bonuses that are subscriber-only in the future. :-)

5 thoughts on “I’m moving to MailChimp!

  1. Henway

    I’m a big fan of Mailchimp although I’m using iContact simply b/c I didn’t want to lose any email addresses.. they make your subscribers confirm again, which is a pain

  2. Paul Hebert

    Help me out here Ben ‘cuz I’ve been thinking along these lines for a while but…

    I have a 10:1 RSS to email subscriber rate on my blog right now.

    RSS provides a pretty anonymous way to subscribe so I don’t have to get those “neat emails” you speak of. A lot folks like that.

    I’m guessing then – either:

    A) The chimp has found a way to send emails to the RSS feedreaders
    B) You almost have to force your audience to subscribe via email. I personally don’t subscribe via email unless I know the blogger
    C) In my case, I’d miss 90% of my audience if I wanted to send nice little emails.

    Am I missing something? Not seeing the value of having a service that allows me to send an email to 10% of my audience.

  3. Paige Holden

    I just used MailChimp for the first time this week. So far, I’m loving how easy it was and the reports that I’m getting back. I will definitely be using it for a while.

    Plus, who doesn’t love the snarky little monkey comments at the top of the screen. Comedic relief, for sure.

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