#HRevolution 2011 in Atlanta (April 29-30)

You may have heard murmurings about HRevolution 2011. Well… After reviewing and discussing the survey results from last year, we have decided to host it in Atlanta on April 29-30.

What you can do for now

Spread the word. We’re going to have a limited number of tickets (as we did for HRevolution 2010) to encourage the close community and deep discussions that come with a smaller crowd. If you want a ticket, stay tuned for more info coming your way. And if you have suggestions for topics, please check out the LinkedIn discussion!

There’s one new and fun way to spread the word as well. HRevolution gear!

What we’re doing for now

The planning committee (Trish, Crystal, Steve, and I) are starting those lovely conference calls and planning sessions. Each of us have a boatload of ideas to bring to our respective pieces of the planning process, and it’s going to be amazing to see what everyone puts together!

What’s in store

  • Complete website redesign
  • Free stuff before the event
  • Great sponsors to keep the cost low
  • Conversations that last a lifetime
  • Speakers and sessions that will rock your socks

Comments? Questions? Leave ’em below!

8 thoughts on “#HRevolution 2011 in Atlanta (April 29-30)

  1. Michael


    I live in Atlanta and would be interested in learning more. I tried to join the LinkedIn group and was locked out. Any tips?



    1. Ben Post author

      @Josh Awesome! Fantastic meeting you as well, amigo. Have a phone call w/you on the “to do” list. Glad you had a safe trip back!

      @Michael Hope you can make it. Definitely nothing like anything you’ve done before at a “regular” event. :-)

  2. Josh Letourneau

    Ditto, Ben. I didn’t know you were heading out or I would have went outside to talk further with you – a couple Gentleman wanted to bounce some ideas off me for their Vet efforts, so I was trying to fit everything in. When I found out you were gone, I tried to find your number online through my Android OS, but no dice – lol. Next time, let’s grab lunch!

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