Networking with LinkedIn, no handshake necessary

Networking with LinkedIn, no handshake necessary

Did you know that we have a LinkedIn group exclusively for our NASHRM members? Currently, over 130 members are taking advantage of this tool. Are you? If not, this post is going to help you learn more about this valuable tool.

In a recent meeting, new members of the chapter were asked why they joined. The number one reason cited? Networking. In the amazingly large HR community that the world has grown into, it’s harder than ever to stay connected with the people you need to know. However, the NASHRM LinkedIn

group offers a solution. The monthly events are wonderful, but it’s difficult to build lasting relationships in the short amount of time provided. Why not move the conversation online?  Since the creation of the group, I have connected with several dozen members of our local group, and it has opened up some connections with people outside my normal range.

Now I understand that many of you probably aren’t even on LinkedIn just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it! It’s becoming an amazingly powerful tool for networking, sourcing, and job hunting. The article 15 Sneaky Ways to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your HR Career is definitely worth a read. I guarantee you’ll learn something that you could put to use within a week’s time, and the time invested will be invaluable.

Still on the fence about LinkedIn’s value? Leave a comment and let me know why. Already a member? Then join the group and introduce yourself!

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