Openness to Failure as a Critical HR Skill on We’re Only Human

“I think openness to failure is as important as openness to success, because if you’re not open to failure, you’re not open to trying new things. Full stop. You’re going to keep rolling out the same trite things that maybe aren’t the best things. So it’s really as important to try new things, and where you give yourself the credibility is the fact that you are measuring and you are looking at whether or not this works objectively.”

Caitlin Bigsby, Visier


We’re Only Human — Episode 123


Want to be more successful? Fail more often. 

In a recent conversation with an executive that works with numerous high-performing organizations, he explained that the critical differentiator for the best firms is a willingness to iterate and experiment, knowing that some of those will inevitably fail. 

In today’s episode, Ben speaks with Caitlin Bigsby about the importance of analytics, measurement, and data when it comes to HR and talent practices. Caitlin shares how to identify problems that data can solve, what to do next, and how to leverage evidence as a powerful tool for positive change in the business. 


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