Personalizing Talent Practices at an Individual Level with Juan Betancourt on We’re Only Human

“Companies can now optimize things like rewards and training and development. HR and the way companies communicate with employees is going to be based on personalization.” 

Juan Betancourt, CEO, Humantelligence


We’re Only Human — Episode 119


The “one size fits all” approach is being replaced with the “one size fits one” approach at some of the most forward-thinking companies. 

In your personal life, you expect personalization. Customized movie, dining, or clothing recommendations are becoming the norm. But at work, this hasn’t been the case in the past. 

Now, with intelligent technologies, we can personalize how we interact with everyone at work, creating deeper levels of understanding and collaboration. In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben talks with Juan Betancourt of Humantelligence about how the company is enabling these personalized experiences for the workforce and executive leaders. Use cases for personalization include everything from who to fits a job or company to how they learn best to what kinds of rewards they want and so much more. Check out this conversation to learn how you can personalize your approach to your people.


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