Shirts are fun…


HR Ninja


I love shirts with a snappy line or image.  Sure, in recent years, people have taken to wearing shirts that make them look ridiculous, but a good one will always make you laugh the first time you see it.  With that thought in mind, I spent some time this weekend putting together some stuff for the UpstartHR Cafepress store.  I hope you’ll stop by and check out the first offerings.  Let me know if they’re funny, useless, or ridiculous.  It’s time for HR to be more vocal about our role, and if jumping out on a limb isn’t your kind of thing, then maybe a clever shirt could give you the opening you’ve been looking for! 

4 thoughts on “Shirts are fun…

  1. beneubanks

    LOL That one just popped in my head earlier this week. You never know when or where one will just come along.

  2. beneubanks

    Done. :-) Pink HR Ninja shirt is now available!

    My wife would just LOVE it if I got one for myself. *winkwink*


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