Studying for the HR Certification Exam

I love having the opportunity to help people who are studying for the HR certification exam. It’s something that allows me to use my knowledge and love of teaching to help others. Definitely a fun way to spend some time!

I don’t know if any of you realize it, but I got started in writing as I chronicled my PHR exam study sessions online.  I wanted to help others with their own self-study process, motivate myself, and give encouragement to those that were feeling lost amid the practice questions, exam requirements, and study resources.  I’m working on putting the articles together into a free eBook (I have put them together into a free eBook already) because I want people to be able to see the process that I went through.

I, like many people, jumped into HR feet-first. I took the PHR in the 12-month window after college, and that meant I didn’t need the pesky 2 years of exempt experience.  Now, while I’m not technically “certified” without the experience, I have passed the exam, so that hopefully says something about my capabilities.  Self-study. All the way. Rockin’.

To take it further, I later created a great tool called the Rock the PHR study guide. It’s an inexpensive tool to help you stay motivated, learn what to study, and pass the exam once and for all. Check it out!

If you’re working on your own study journey or trying to decide if you should take the HR certification exam plunge, shoot me an email or leave a comment.  I’d love to offer any help I can give.

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6 thoughts on “Studying for the HR Certification Exam

  1. beneubanks

    Awesome. I actually have written several articles on the topic, and I’m going to drop some of the tips into a post here, so stick around, and I’ll toss out my pathetic attempts at brilliance. :-)

  2. Mansi

    Hi Ben,

    I am writing my PHR exam at the end of June, any suggestions/advice on how to study for the exam. I am doing the sample test from the shrm and reading Bougardus’s prep, is that enough?


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