10 Simple Truths of Great Service at #SHRM10 (Video)

I’m working with the Monster Street Team to cover the SHRM annual conference. Click here for the whole story.

Here’s a short video I shot during a break. I talk about the great session I was able to hit on customer service earlier today. Check below the video for a few highlights of the session.

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Great customer service

  • It’s not just for external customers. Apply it internally and you may benefit as well.
  • Shift your bell curve. If you aim for standard service or you\’ll fall short half of the time. Aim for amazing service and you\’ll be above average most of the time.
  • Great service trickles down. There are times that the business impact of providing a knock-your-socks-off level of service might seem minimal. While business impact may not be immediate, it will come out somewhere down the line. Ever heard of Zappos?
  • Customer needs are fairly simple (even if they’re not always easy).
  • Companies need to find and share their own service legends. Organizations should collect and internally share customer service stories. One neat idea is to aggregate them and create a small booklet to share with employees.

I wrote on customer service recently on my other blog. Have any stories about amazing service that you care to share?

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  1. Chris Chapel

    Customer service is important. People do business with people they like. The same is true internally as well. People are more productive for people they like.

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