Talent Intelligence is the Future of Hiring

“If I had to put a bet on the future, where we’re headed is about understanding potential future performance and what drives and drains people. I think that’s really where I see TA going longer term. We’ve seen success around using some of that psychometric data to really upskill folks into engineers that wouldn’t not necessarily have been on technical paths. So business analysts, old school project managers, and those technical analyst folks… Finding the ones that are really well suited to engineering thought and then upskilling them on the actual technology themselves.”

Travis Windling, Director Talent Acquisition Strategy & Insights, RBC

We’re Only Human — Episode 159

Hiring has changed tremendously in recent years, and one thing is for certain: things haven’t settled down yet. As Travis Windling believes, there are going to be big shifts in how employers understand and predict performance for both external and internal candidates. A big part of hiring well is predictability and quality, and unfortunately resumes just don’t get the job done there. In this episode Ben and Travis talk about data, analytics, hiring decisions, and more.

Show Notes