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Talent Lessons from the Transportation Industry [Podcast]

How should you structure your talent attraction and retention strategies if you are in an industry where there are sharp declines in talent entering the field, high turnover rates, and a physically and emotionally demanding job description?

That’s what we’re here today to find out.

We hear all the time about driverless cars and automated trucks, but those advances still aren’t a reality yet. At this point we still have a large number of human drivers navigating the roads and keeping the nation and the world economies chugging along. But the trucking and logistics industry also has its troubles–driver shortages. high turnover rates. low engagement. tough work and work environments.

randy swart

Randy Swart, COO of A. Duie Pyle

Today I speak with Randy Swart, Chief Operating Officer from A. Duie Pyle, to understand some of the impact of this profession on the nation’s economy and how his company has been able to dramatically outperform its peers in the industry with low turnover, high employee engagement, and a phenomenal culture. I highly encourage you to take notes because Randy breaks out his company’s playbook and shares some concrete ideas for how the company accomplishes these feats. Regardless of your industry or company size, the takeaways and insights are really incredible for those employers looking to improve their onboarding, training, or even their employee experience.

Show Notes

We’re Only Human 19 – Lessons on Culture & Engagement from the Trucking Industry

Host: Ben Eubanks

Guest: Randy Swart, COO, A. Duie Pyle

What would you do if you found out that you were facing a drastic shortage in the primary candidates you hire? How would you work to retain the workers you have while simultaneously marketing your business to potential applicants?

In today’s conversation, Ben interviews Randy Swart to answer these very real questions that he deals with every day. As COO of A. Duie Pyle, Swart helps to run the transportation and logistics company through its normal operations. But the challenges the industry faces are anything but normal: turnover is rampant, the workforce is aging, and predictions of shortages continue to be ever more severe.

In the discussion, Swart shares some of the key practices that A. Duie Pyle uses to not only keep workers from leaving, but to actually help them enjoy the work they do at the same time. Regardless of the industry or company, listeners will have some wonderful takeaways from a true business leader on how to create more value for our employees.

For more information on A. Duie Pyle: https://www.aduiepyle.com/

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