Thanks for everything, amigos

Hey! You found the secret hover text for this photo. Of course I'm joking in this post. I'd just write under a pseudonym, anyway. I love doing what I do and couldn't stop for all the Milky Ways and Diet Mountain Dew in the world. Thanks for dropping by. Um, okay. This is awkward. I'm leaving now... Bye. No, really. Bye. Agh! Will you just stop reading already? I'm trying to be all cool here and make a sweet exit but you keep dragging on and on. Pfft. Whatever. I'm out of here.So… I haven’t been writing much lately. Yes, I realize that. But it’s not because I’m lazy or don’t have a lot to say.

Recently I started looking for a new job. Here in Huntsville, we have a lot of government contractors, and I really would prefer not to work for one. They have so many restrictions on what their employees can’t do, and I don’t fit into that kind of environment very well. However, because of this unique geographical area, 90% of the open HR jobs come from those kinds of employers. I’ve kept the job search quiet to keep my current employer from being ticked off and to keep everyone from asking me how it’s going. That gets to be a hassle at times, you know?

Anyway, I finally found the perfect one for me as an HR analyst with a government contractor. It’s a solid step up for me career-wise, and I’ll finally get to do some of the stuff that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance. I expect the defense industry to go downhill pretty quickly in the next few years, especially if we dump healthcare into the mix and have no more money to spend on defending our country. That’s why I want to make the move now and get that experience before it’s impossible to find a job in this defense-driven area.

Overall, it’s a great move for me and my family.

The only drawback? I can’t write on the blog any longer. They have strict controls over what their employees say publicly, and they don’t want to risk me actually saying something confidential (have I ever?) or something generally stupid enough to reflect on the company. Plus, much of the work there is covered under the Export Control Act (or something like that) and all information has to be approved by a government official before it can be shared with the public. While the HR director told me that she really likes the blog and would love to let me keep it, company policy (ain’t it always the way?) precludes her opinion.

My old posts will stay up for a few weeks, but I’ll have to take the site down before I start as a condition of employment. I’ve made so many friends in the short year that I’ve been blogging and interacting with the online HR community. You’ve all taught me so much and I’ll keep you in my Google Reader for old time’s sake.

Twitter’s on the chopping block, but the axe hasn’t fallen just yet. I expect it will turn out the same way.

Look for some wrapping up posts in the coming week.

And if you really think this is true, sorry I destroyed your hopes. You know I could never leave this! Happy April Fool’s Day. Please don’t break my shins. Oh, and hover over the image in this post to see the secret message.

10 thoughts on “Thanks for everything, amigos

  1. TheHRD

    Well hell……but I applaud you for doing what is right for you and your family. Your blog was one of the ones that I looked at early on when coming into this game. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck.

  2. TheHRD

    Crap I am sooooooooo stupid….I spent so long today focussing on my own one that I totally overlooked this…..I didn’t realise it was written today……what a dick!

  3. Eric Winegardner

    Benjamin Eubanks, this BETTER be an April Fools joke.
    If not, we need to chat. This may be a short-term improvement for you and your family, but the long-term cost of procuring your silence can be astronomical.
    There are MANY opportunities out there Ben… Never Settle, my friend. This community NEEDS your emerging perspective.
    IF this IS a joke, you suck- and will be punished accordingly.

    1. Ben Post author

      Okay, so I tried my very best to fool you guys. But I think you all saw through my little charade, right? I mean, come on, this is my life we’re talking about here! I’d never go somewhere that tried to control me like that. Not my kind of thing. Ladies and gentlemen, you are so wonderful for coming back here and I really appreciate you.

      And if you still want to punch me in the kidney for playing around, you’ll have to do it at HRevolution. :-)

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