The CHRO of Memphis on Getting to HR’s Purpose

The first advice I would say is be extremely clear about what your purpose is. When I came into this role, we were extremely clear about what not only my goal, but my purpose as a leader in what I was here to do. I think is important for all HR professionals to understand really the critical business needs for the organization that you’re a part of, and what is your role in your purpose within that? 

Alex Smith, CHRO of the City of Memphis

We’re Only Human — Episode 135

One of the things we’re tasked with as HR leaders? Helping other people find their purpose in the business. 

The data are clear: purpose is one of the key levers of engagement and connection with the business. But have we ever stopped to think about our own purpose? What it is? Why it matters? How it can serve as a guiding light for our efforts? 

In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben talks with Alex Smith, head of HR for the City of Memphis, about her suggestions on how to create a more dynamic HR function through continuous learning, a strong purpose, and more. 

Just like the relatively small rudder steers a much bigger ship, this purpose can steer each of us into more impact than we could have without it. 

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