What’s Your Flavor?

This post comes from my office at the “other” job. :-) Needed my prop, and I was out of stock at the house, so I arrived early for a quick video.

Hey, everyone! It\’s Ben with UpstartHR, and today I\’d like to talk to you about flavor.  You want to hear something interesting? You have thousands tastebuds on your tongue. Your tongue can recognize hundreds of unique flavors. Taste is a very powerful sensory experience.

Bloggers use flavor to make their blogs unique. All it takes is a little spice to stand out from the countless others. Frank at KnowHR is known for pointing out things that should be obvious to everyone, but people are still surprised. Chris at Renegade HR is known for his opinions on inspiring and motivating people. Venting HR Guy is known for saying very funny and irreverent things that we all have experienced at one time or another.  All of the great ones have a style and a flavor that is their very own.

So, as I was ruminating over a drink the other day, I realized that I wasn\’t quite sure what mine was. What the heck are people listening to me for? What\’s my flavor? I shot out a quick question on Twitter, and I quickly received a few responses. People know me for my humor and my insights on things. People know me for being enthusiastic and inspiring. And do you know what? I was thrilled. Sure, some people see me and wonder which zoo lost their favorite monkey, but most of you like hearing what I have to say.

And let me just tell you… I truly enjoy the experience. I write. I tweet. I interact with others. I provide solutions to problems. I make people laugh. And that\’s all part of my flavor. The way I do that makes me different from everyone else, and I couldn\’t be happier.

So, while I savor the flavor just a bit longer, I\’d like you to ask yourself what your flavor is. Think about it. Ruminate. Ponder. Drop a comment below and we’ll discuss it!

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5 thoughts on “What’s Your Flavor?

  1. Creative Chaos Consultant

    “What\’s my flavor?”

    My flavor would have to be chocolate mixed with pistachio. It’s an unusual combination and you might think it’s a little odd but it works. Just like me.

    Great post Ben!

    1. Ben Post author

      “It’s odd but it works.” That’s definitely one way to put it. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  2. Frank Roche

    Ben, your flavor is Diet Mountain Dew in a Two-Liter Bottle!!! LOL. That was excellent punctuation for your video.

    Really great point about “flavor.” It’s true…and knowing you have one is how you stay true to it. Yours is a great one…thanks for the smiles and the thoughts.

    1. Ben Post author

      “Knowing you have one is how you stay true to it.” That’s a fantastic thought. And now you know where my #selfevals come from (a bottle). :-)

  3. Lois Melbourne

    This is a perfect exercise for us to go through for the HR Blog conference…

    Me..maybe currently a too predictable Pinot Noir, working on becoming a thoughtful Malbach. But I want to give it more thought.

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