Working with nuts, fruits, and M&Ms

So I heard that the HR Carnival for this upcoming week was going to be focused on food and HR. For some reason my brain defaulted to comparing the characters in every workplace with a bag of trail mix. Check out the short (kinda funny!) video below for more.

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  • Ain’t Bella the cutest? :-)
  • Fruits-they have been around forever, they are kind of sour, and even if we don’t enjoy them they are pretty boring and don’t rock the boat
  • M&Ms-these are the best part of the whole batch, but just like in life, we only have a limited number of M&Ms (aka star employees) to work with
  • Nuts-the nuts make up the bulk of our workforce, they have their little quirks and we spend most of our time dealing with this group

Okay, so it was a fun little exercise. Want to tell a story about a “nut” in your own workplace? I’d love to hear it!

5 thoughts on “Working with nuts, fruits, and M&Ms

  1. John Jorgensen

    Love the prop….babies will give you points everytime.

    I have heard of some organizations (and the state of California) compared to granola. After you weed through the fruits and nuts, all you have left are the flakes.

  2. shennee Rutt

    Love Bella! The analogy about Trail mix and nuts is just too funny! I have seen a lot of NUTS in my HR Career. One more recently comes to mind about a No cell phone rule, so what does the applicant do? He get’s up and takes a call on his cell, leaves the group intervew comes back and says ” sorry I had to take that” NOTE- There are 3 signs in the Interview room stating NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED. Sheesh.. Are we in Kindergarten again. Come on people.
    Hope you are well!

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